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AB1(4) COWAN, Evelyn Spring Remembered 6 hrs
The story of a Scottish Jewish Childhood in Glasgow.

AB2(6) SUTHERLAND, Millie The Brae House 9 hrs
A young, orphaned Scottish girl is despatched to a Highland Glen before World War 1. This is the story ofher upbringing, her escape to service in the South, her marriage and eventual return to the Highlands.

AB3(2) NIVEN, David The Moon's a Balloon 3 hrs
This is David Niven's first Autobiography, and it tells the story of his early years and his introduction to Hollywood.

AB4(2) CARTLAND, Barbara In Search of Rainbows 3 hrs
Barbara Cartland tells her story from 1945 up to the present day.

AB5(2) NIVEN, David Bring on the Empty Horses 3 hrs
David Niven gives an account of life in Hollywood between 1935 and 1960 - a time often hailed as 'The Great Days of Hollywood'. This is the sequel to 'The Moon's a Balloon' (Cat #AB 3).

AB6(2) BLIXEN, Karen Out of Africa 3 hrs
An account of the years Karen Blixen spent in Kenya managing a coffee plantation. Her writing combines intelligence and compassion, and shows an acute understanding of an alien culture.

AB8(6) WEIR, Molly A Toe on the Ladder 9 hrs
In this, the third volume of her autobiography, Molly Weir describes her first steps towards stardom, with all her usual honesty, humour and vitality.

AB9(5) GLENNIE, Evelyn Good Vibrations 7 hrs 30 mins
Evelyn Glennie tells her own story, in her own words, of how she has achieved so much. She started to lose her hearing at the age of eight, and by the age of twelve was profoundly deaf. She is now a world renowned percussionist and has been awarded many prizes in recognition of her musical talent.

AB10(2) EKLAND, Britt True Britt 3 hrs
Parts of this recording may be considered unsuitable for family reading. Britt Ekland reveals the private life behind the public image of a star. There are tears, and there is laughter in this frank account of the life and loves of this fascinating and beautiful woman.

AB11(2) FONTEYN, Dame Margot Dame Margot Fonteyn 3 hrs
Margot Fonteyn tells how she danced her way to fame as the world's most acclaimed ballerina.

AB12(5) GLASSER, Ralph Gorbals Boy at Oxford 7 hrs 30 mins
Ralph Glasser tells the story of his move from the Gorbals to study at Oxford University in the 1930's.

AB13(8) O'HARA, Mary The Scent of the Roses 12 hrs
Written with honesty and warmth, Mary O'Hara's book is an inspiring story of worldly success, religious conviction and, above all, deep love.

AB14(5) GALLAGHER, Patrick My Story 7 hrs 30 mins
This is the story of Patrick Gallagher, born in 1871, who founded the Templecrone Co-operative Society which today employs over 100 people and has a turnover of more than £2.5 million. This is the story of his life, told in his own words.

AB15(2) HEPBURN, Katherine Me - Stories of My Life 3 hrs
Katherine Hepburn reads the fascinating story of her life and her Hollywood career which spanned more than 60 years.

AB16(4) WEIR, Molly Shoes Were for Sunday 5 hrs
Moly Weir tells what it was like to live in a Glasgow which no longer exists: its crowded tenements, with their neighbourly friendliness; their recessed beds and their outside toilets shared by three families. Despite a grim background, there was fun and laughter, and the author brings lively observation and warm affection to her pictures of a Glasgow upbringing.

AB17(5) SHANKS, Rev. James Barbara F. Shanks, M.B.E. 7 hrs 30 mins
This book is a deeply moving and inspiring account of his late wife's unstintingly noble and selfless life, a life which was spent caring for others.

AB18(7) STEVENS, Geoff Norman Barrett, Ringmaster 10 hrs 30 mins
Norman Barrett is Britain's best known circus personality, working in circus, television, pantomime, cabaret, variety and as an after-dinner speaker.

AB19(5) RUDDICK, Edith My Mother's Daughter 7 hrs 30 mins
An account of the life and career of the Scottish actress Edith Ruddick (Brill), whose Jewish family came to live in Dunfermline from Latvia in 1901. From her early childhood memories in Scotland, the author describes how war and marriage shaped her career.

AB20(2) HENDERSON, Isabel Happy to be Blind 3 hrs This autobiography, by self-taught author Isabel Henderson, is fascinating and inspiring. Her modest, intuitive way of converting obstacles into opportunities is exemplary.

AB21(4) GRAHAM, Billy Just as I Am 6 hrs Billy Graham has touched the hearts and souls of millions with his message of faith. Now, for the first time ever, Dr. Graham tells his life story in a momentous work of insight. His crusades have spanned fifty years, and he has been a part of history in the making, and friend to every president since Eisenhower.