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Children's Fiction

CF1(1) Children's Fiction The Snow Goose 1 hrs 30 mins

CF3(1) Children's Fiction Cinderella & Five Other Stories 1 hrs 30 mins

CF4(1) Children's Fiction Storyteller (Seven Short Stories 1 hrs 30 mins

CF5(1) MASON, Louise Children's Stories 1 hrs 30 mins

CF6(1) Children's Fiction The Three Bears and Four Other Stories 1 hrs 30 mins

CF7(1) Children's Fiction Sleeping Beauty and Three Other Stories 1 hrs 30 mins

CF8(3) Children's Fiction Worzel Gummidge 4 hrs 30 mins

CF10(2) GALLICO, Paul The Snow Goose 3 hrs

CF14(1) AITKEN, Joan Mortimer's Portrait on Glass 1 hrs 30 mins

CF15(1) AITKEN, Joan The Bread Bin (Arabel & Mortimer) 1 hrs 30 mins

CF16(1) Children's Fiction The Enormous Crocodile & Ivor the Engine 1 hrs 30 mins

CF17(1) HUNTER, N. Wizards Are a Nuisance 1 hrs 30 mins

CF18(1) POTTER, Beatrix Revolting Rhymes / Book of Giants / Pugwash 1 hrs 30 mins

CF19(1) DAHL, Roald George's Marvellous Medicine 1 hrs 30 mins

CF20(4) NESBIT, E. The Railway Children 6 hrs

CF21(3) Children's Fiction The Canal Children 4 hrs 30 mins

CF22(1) TOMLINSON, Jill The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark 1 hrs 30 mins

CF23(1) Children's Fiction Fantastic Mr. Fox 1 hrs 30 mins

CF24(3) WHITE, E. B. Charlotte's Web 4 hrs 30 mins

CF25(1) Children's Fiction The Call of the Wild 1 hrs 30 mins

CF26(1) Children's Fiction The Red Badge of Courage 1 hrs 30 mins

CF27(1) Children's Fiction The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1 hrs 30 mins

CF28(1) Children's Fiction The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 1 hrs 30 mins

CF29(1) Children's Fiction Frankenstein 1 hrs 30 mins

CF30(1) Children's Fiction The Invisible Man 1 hrs 30 mins

CF31(2) BRONTE, Charlotte Wuthering Heights 3 hrs

CF32(1) AITKEN, Joan Arabel's Raven 1 hrs 30 mins

CF33(1) AITKEN, Joan Mortimer & The Sword Excalibur 1 hrs 30 mins

CF34(2) FREUD, Clement Grimble & Grimble at Christmas 3 hrs

CF37(1) SAMPSON, Derek Grump and the Hairy Mammoth 1 hrs 30 mins

CF38(1) SAMPSON, Derek Grump Strikes Again 1 hrs 30 mins

CF39(1) DERWENT, Lavinia Tammy Troot Stories 1 hrs 30 mins

CF40(3) TOWNSEND, Sue The Diary of Adrian Mole 4 hrs 30 mins

CF41(1) Children's Fiction Storm Boy 1 hrs 30 mins

CF42(1) Children's Fiction Coorong 1 hrs 30 mins

CF43(4) Children's Fiction Ash Road 6 hrs

CF44(2) Children's Fiction The Grey Dancer 3 hrs

CF45(3) Children's Fiction The Witch's Daughter 4 hrs 30 mins

CF46(2) TOWNSEND, Sue The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole 3 hrs

CF47(1) LLOYD, Caroline Witches 1 hrs 30 mins

CF48(5) BOWIE, Jenetta Penny Buff 7 hrs 30 mins

CF49(2) NAUGHTON, Bill My Pal Spadger 3 hrs

CF50(3) Children's Fiction Tales of the Outback 4 hrs 30 mins

CF51(4) COONEY, Linda A. High Hopes 6 hrs
Nick, Celia, Sean, Allie & Meg have been friends for as long as they can remember. now they're beginning high school. It's a time for great enthusiasm, but also apprehension.

CF52(3) Children's Fiction Old Enough 4 hrs 30 mins
A new senior class is taking over at Glenwood High and Gloria Larson, Nancy Colton, Lani Connors and Angie Maroni are gearing up for the most important year of their lives.

CF53(2) Children's Fiction Sweet Valley High - Slam Book Fever 3 hrs
Slam Books are the newest craze at Sweet Valley High. They're do-it-yourself books of lists and predictions about anyone in school. They start out as fun, but soon stir up big trouble.

CF54(2) Children's Fiction This Time For Real 3 hrs
Jody Bauer is thrilled at the hance to dance in her school's production of Finian's Rainbow. And when she is told that she 'just glitters on stage', Jody beams with pride - until her partner, handsome Jeff Reynolds, tells her it's the braces on her teeth that do the sparkling.

CF55(3) Children's Fiction Nothing in Common 4 hrs 30 mins
When her boyfriend's hot love letters turn chilly, Chrissy decides it's time to go home to Iowa and find out why Ben has cooled off. She drags along her reluctant cousin, Caroline, for advice and support

CF56(2) Children's Fiction Secret Identity 3 hrs
When Jena Maxwell meets Eric Bliss, she forgets her disappointment about not Going to Europe for the summer, forgets everything that's been upsetting her. Eric is gently handsome, and Jena is falling deeply in love.

CF57(2) Children's Fiction Otherwise Known As Shelia the Great 3 hrs
A story for teenagers.

CF58(4) JENKINS, Robert The Cone Gatherers 6 hrs
A classic story for teenagers.

CF60(2) QUIN-HARKIN, Janet Trading Places 3 hrs
Chrissy's on Cloud 9 when Hunter, a handsome senior asks her out. The only problem is that he thinks she's glamorous and sophisticated.

CF61(4) SMITH, Joel Mixed Doubles 6 hrs
Parts of this recording may be considered unsuitable for family reading. Michael fancies Theresa, but does she prefer his best friend James, the school Romeo?

CF62(2) WILSON, Forrest Supergran 3 hrs
Story of Supergran, a little old lady who develops super-human powers.

CF63(1) RNIB Jack In The Box 1 hrs 30 mins
A collection of short stories and poetry for 4-11 year olds.

CF64(3) FIDLER, Kathleen The Boy With the Bronze Axe 4 hrs 30 mins
A thrilling adventure story centred on life in a Stone Age village.

CF65(2) BRESLIN, Theresa Simon's Challenge 3 hrs
As Simon passes Paterson's shop one evening, gazing at the fabulous display of computers, nothing seems out of the ordinary. But when the police start asking questions, Simon suddenly realises he was the sole witness of a major burglary. The only problem is he can't remember any of the details.

CF66(7) HARTLEY, L.P. The Go-Between 10 hrs 30 mins
A classic novel, set at the turn of the century, in which Leo acts as go-between in a secret relationship.

CF67(3) SACHS, Marilyn The Fat Girl 4 hrs 30 mins
That's all she is to Jeff: a gross, clumsy, nameless girl who has no friends. And she keeps watching him.

CF68(3) KING, Clive Stig of the Dump 4 hrs 30 mins
An endearing story about an unusual friendship.

CF69(4) VAN DER LOEF, A. Rutgers Children on the Oregon Trail 6 hrs
A true-life tale of courageous pioneering children in the days when the Far West was a desolate wilderness, full of perils.

CF70(3) FIDLER, Kathleen The Desperate Journey 4 hrs 30 mins
Davie and Kirsty Murray's family have lived at Culmailie in Sutherland for generations... now they are driven from their home. They move to the slums and mills of Glasgow. This is but the first step of their journey, which takes them on an emigrant ship to the frozen wastes of Canada.

CF71(3) Children's Fiction The Stove Haunting 4 hrs 30 mins
As Daniel the Victorian stove-boy and kitchen skivvy, he is faced with a terrible dilemma - a test of loyalties. But will he make the right choice? An exciting and engrossing story based on the events surrounding the prosecution of the Tolpuddle Martyrs.

CF72(2) FISK, Nicholas Star Stormers 3 hrs
Four children and a robot blast off into space in a spacecraft they've built themselves. Their ship is called Starstormer; their destination: Epsilon Cool, where their parents are setting up a new colony.

CF73(3) FISK, Nicholas Grinny 4 hrs 30 mins
Great Aunt Emma is no ordinary lady. But why is she so strange? Why have Mum and Dad never mentioned her before - after all, she is supposed to be Granny's sister, isn't she? Soon Tim and Beth start noticing more and more odd things.

CF74(2) KING-SMITH, Dick The Sheep-Pig 3 hrs
Fly the sheep-dog looked at her strange new foster-child with astonishment. The little piglet won at the fair by Farmer Hogget was determined to learn the art of herding sheep.

CF75(4) LIVELY, Penelope The Ghost of Thomas Kempe 6 hrs
Strange messages, fearful noises and all kinds of jiggery-pokery... It began to dawn on James that there was probably a ghost in the house and he set out to discover the answers.

CF76(3) LINGARD, Joan The Freedom Machine 4 hrs 30 mins
Everything that Mungo thought was safe and secure now seems to be changing. It's just the final straw when he hears that he has to go and stay with awful Aunt Janet for a month.

CF77(3) ZINDEL, Paul The Pigman 4 hrs 30 mins
Lorraine can blame all the other things on me, but she was the one who picked out the Pigman's phone number. If you ask me, I think he would have died anyway. Maybe we speeded things up a little but you can't really say we murdered him.

CF78(3) MADDOCK, Reginald The Dragon in the Garden 4 hrs 30 mins
Jimmy Stewart first went to school at thirteen... and he was sure he wasn't going to like it! First there was the trouble with the masters... then trouble with the boys. This is a gripping, fast-moving. action-packed story.

CF79(1) AVERY, Gillian Mouldy's Orphan 1 hrs 30 mins
Mouldy dreams how lovely it would be if she could adopt a poor orphan and keep him warm and happy ever after. When she does, her Mum and Dad aren't pleased at all.

CF80(4) HINTON, S.E. The Outsiders 6 hrs
The story has humour, passion, tenderness, intelligence, action aplenty and, best of all, compassion.

CF81(2) SINGER, A. L. The Baby Sitters' Club 3 hrs
Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, Stacey, Dawn, Mallory and Jessi are the members of the BSC, and they're having a crazy summer. When Kristy falls into some big trouble, will the rest of the club be around to help?

CF83(2) ROJANY, Lisa Gold Diggers 3 hrs
When Beth Eastman moves from downtown LA to Wheaton, Nowheresville, she thinks life's going to be very dull, until she meets Jody - Wheaton's wild child - and discovers that life in the country can be fun, too.

CF84(7) PEYTON, K. M. Snowfall 10 hrs 30 mins
Charlotte Campion is young, beautiful - and bored. She longs to get away from her dull vicarage life, and a trip to the Alps seems like the perfect escape. But soon Charlotte finds that her new way of life, like the mountains of the Alps, brings not only exhilaration, but also danger.