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CO1(1) JAMIESON, Margaret Margaret Jamieson Recipe Tape 1 hrs 30 mins

CO2(1) Cooking Yeast Baking Recipes 1 hrs 30 mins

CO3(1) Cooking Cadbury's Bournville Plain Chocolate Recipe Ideas 1 hrs 30 mins

CO4(1) Canned Food Service Individual Servings 1 hrs 30 mins

CO5(1) Cooking The Scottish Kitchen 1 hrs 30 mins

CO6(1) Cooking Zanussi Cook Book 1 hrs 30 mins

CO7(1) Cooking Traditional Scottish Cookery 1 hrs 30 mins

CO8(1) Cooking Natural Brown Sugar 1 hrs 30 mins
All about Horlicks.

CO9(2) Cooking Tower Slow Cooker 3 hrs

CO10(1) Cooking Microwave Cooking 1 hrs 30 mins

CO11(5) Cooking National Microwave 7 hrs 30 mins

CO12(1) Cooking Yoghurt Made at Home 1 hrs 30 mins

CO13(1) Cooking Instructions & Recipes for the Cordon Bleu Cooker 1 hrs 30 mins

CO14(1) Cooking Sotrk New Way Baking 1 hrs 30 mins

CO15(1) LOGAN, Carol Healthy Recipes 1 hrs 30 mins

CO16(6) LITTLE, Billie & THORUP, Penny L. Recipes for Diabetics 9 hrs

CO17(3) St. Michael Kitchen Library Pies & Flans 4 hrs 30 mins
Pies & Flans has over 70 recipes to suit both the sweet & savoury palate. This colection of recipes shows how to create easy and impressive flans and pies.

CO18(1) Cooking Recipe Book for Rima Infrared Cooking Centre (Model 903) 1 hrs 30 mins

CO19(1) Cooking Microwave Cooking 1 hrs 30 mins

CO20(2) Cooking In Touch Kitchen 3 hrs
Kitchen aids available for the blind.

CO21(1) Cooking Little Brown Bread Book 1 hrs 30 mins

CO22(2) Cooking The Jimmy Young Cookbook 3 hrs

CO23(3) Cooking Trust in British Potatoes 4 hrs 30 mins

CO24(2) Cooking Celtic Cookery 3 hrs

CO25(3) Cooking Sharp Microwave Cookbook 4 hrs 30 mins

CO26(5) Cooking Microwave Cooking 7 hrs 30 mins

CO27(2) PATON, Margaret Margaret Paton's New All-Colour Cook Book (Index Tape to Cat #28) 3 hrs

CO28(16) PATON, Margaret Margaret Paton's New All-Colour Cook Book 24 hrs

CO29(8) BROWN, Sarah Sarah Brown's Vegetarian Cook Book 12 hrs
This book destroys once and for all the myth that vegetarian food is bland, heavy and boring.

CO31(5) Cooking Sharp Combination Microwave Cook Book 7 hrs 30 mins
Some useful recipes.

CO32(2) Cooking The Brother Microwave Cook Book 3 hrs
Some useful recipes.

CO33(5) Cooking Sharp Microwave Cooking 7 hrs 30 mins
Useful information and recipes for Sharp microwave oven owners.

CO34(3) Cooking Cooking With Care 4 hrs 30 mins
A guide to healthy eating.

CO35(4) ROSIER, Anne Marie Stork Microbaking 6 hrs
Successful microwave baking.

CO36(5) ANTHONY, Patrick Simply Special Recipes 7 hrs 30 mins
Recipes for family and friends.

CO37(5) FLOYD, Keith Floyd's American Pie 7 hrs 30 mins
Travel round America with Keith Floyd, as well as over 80 delicious recipes.