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FC1(1) HIGHLANDS Alexander The Dark Horizon 7 hrs 30 mins
A story set in Clydeside during the 1930's.

FC2(2) HARDY, Thomas Far from the madding crowd 3 hrs
A tragic story of a young woman and the three men vying for her love.

FC3(2) CHRISTIE, Agatha Murder in the News 3 hrs
Inspector Japp is called to 14 Bardsley Gardens Mews to investigate a mysterious case of murder disguised as suicide.

FC4(2) HIGGINS, Jack The Eagle Has Landed 3 hrs
This exiting story, set in the Second World War, is read by Edward Fox.

FC5(2) FORSYTH, Frederick The Dogs of War 3 hrs
A Platinum mountain in Africa means ten billion dollars...... for whoever gets there first.

FC6(2) FORSYTH, Frederick The Odesa file 3 hrs
Peter Muller, a young reporter, finds himself in a life and death hunt for a notorious Nazi criminal.

FC7(4) HIGHLANDS Alexander Before the sun goes down 6 hrs
A story set in wartime Clydeside.

FC8(2) ARCHER, Jeffrey Shall We Tell the President? 2 hrs
Can the impossible happen? Must the first woman President of the USA fall to an assassin?

FC9(2) ORWELL George Animal Farm 3 hrs
A classic satirical novel based on the Russian Revolution.

FC10(5) FINN Mr God this is Anna 7 hrs 30 mins

FC11(2) KENT Alexander Richard Bolitho, midshipman 3 hrs

FC12(2) Le CARRE, John A Small Town in Germany 3 hrs
Bonn...the near future...one man's race against time to prevent a catastrophe which threatens to engulf Europe.

FC13(7) INNESS BROWN J Three daughters of the UK 10 hrs 15 mins

FC14(2) RAYMOND Mary The divided house 3 hrs
Sarah Munroe returns from America to find that her Aunt has died and left her half of a large English mansion in her will. Later she discovers that the other half has been left to the mysterious Mathew Preston. The question is, will romance follow?

FC15(2) THOMAS, Dylan Under Milk Wood 3 hrs

FC16(2) Le CARRE, John A Murder of Quality 3 hrs
There is a murder in one of Englands leading private schools:one of the school masters finds that his wife has been killed in their home. But before she died, the victim wrote a letter in which she forecast her own murder - at the hands of her husband.

FC18(1) BLOGGS, William Monologues 1 hrs 30 mins

FC20(7) NICKFORD, Raymond : Aristo's Family 10 hrs 30 mins
Archaeologist Aristo, has an obsessive need to trace and belong to his
family - even though he is told they were all burnt and left unidentifiable during the Turkish invasion of Cyprus - has estranged his English wife, and is distancing his only child Pavlos, who in turn needs a father who will make time for him.  Then Katherine arrives to further confuse Pavlos, as the boy is led deeper and deeper into a sinister confrontation with the 'family'.

FC21(2) Du MAURIER, Daphne Jamaica Inn 3 hrs
After her mothers death, Mary Yellon left the friendly shores of the Helford River to live with her mothers sister at Jamaica Inn, where her uncle was the landlord. She first sensed something was wrong when the coachman looked uncomfortable about her destination.

FC22(2) FORESTER, C. S. The African Queen 3 hrs
Gripping tale of a prim missionary woman thrown together with a cockney mechanic during World War 1. Marooned in German Central Africa they battle their way down the river in the African Queen, a thirty foot long, squat, flat bottomed boat.

FC23(2) HERRIOT, James Let Sleeping Vets Lie & Vet In Harness 3 hrs
James Herriot reads an account of his career as a veterinary surgeon in the rugged Yorkshire Dales - an account which is both hilarious and memorable.

FC24(2) HERRIOT, James If Only They Could Talk & It Shouldn't Happen To A Vet 3 hrs
James Herrit continues his warm and humerous account of his adventures with a wide range of animal patients and their equally diverse owners.

FC25(2) Le CARRE, John Smiley's People 3 hrs
When a Russian exile and circus agent is found murdered on Hampstead Heath, shot with a Moscow Centre assination device, George Smiley is coaxed reluctantly from retirement to perform the last rites on this case.

FC26(2) Le CARRE, John Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. 3 hrs
Another classic spy story by John Le Carre.

FC27(4) HOWARD, Joseph Omen Two (The Story Of Damien) 6 hrs
The story of the rise of the antichrist.

FC28(3) McGILL, Gordon Omen Three (The Final Conflict) 4 hrs 30 mins
The third book in the Omen series continues the story of the rise of the antichrist.

FC29(4) DERWENT, Lavinia A Breath Of Border Air 6 hrs
A story of life in the Scottish Borders.

FC30(5) HOULTON, Don Take The High Road 7 hrs 30 mins
A novel based on the popular television series.

FC31(4) WYNDHAM, John The Day Of The Triffids 6 hrs
A story of a world dominated by monstrous stinging plants, capable of walking and of some form of communication. Plants which had previously been considered to be handled with care, but not to be feared. The balance of power is unexpectedly shifted.

FC32(2) SHUTE, Nevil A Town Like Alice 3 hrs
A story of 32 English women and children taken prisoner by the Japanese in 1941 and forced to walk continually from village to village across Malaya for seven months.

FC33(2) DOYLE, Arthur Conan The Hound of the Baskervilles 3 hrs
A marvellous story of the ruthless exploitation of a family legend by an unscrupulous outsider, who is foiled by the quite acuteness of Holmes and the dogged persistance of Watson.

FC34(2) MAGNUSSON, Magnus Tales From Viking Times 3 hrs
Some stories from Viking folklore.

FC35(2) WHEATLY, Denis The Haunting of Toby Jugg 3 hrs
Toby Jugg was invalided out of the war when his plane was shot down on combat, and he was sent to live at Llanferdrack Castle in Wales in the care of his ex-tutor. Though safely away from the German bombs falling on London, Toby soon realised that he faced an enemy of his own: a lothsome, inhuman Thing that haunted him by night as he lay helpless in his bed.

FC36(2) HUXLEY, Aldous Brave New World 3 hrs
The world of Bernard Marx and Lenina Crowne is one where human beings are brewed from test tubes and then conditioned to accept the duties of their predestined castes in society. It is a world of Soma tablets and ultimate stability.

FC37(2) STEVENSON, Robert Louis Kidnapped 3 hrs
An adventure about David Balfour, a young Lowlander who falls prey to his uncle's treachery before he eventually meets the dashing Highland rebel Alan Breck Stewart. Both David and Alan are implicated in the murder of the "Red Fox", the Kings factor in the lands of Appin, and are forced to flee for their lives through the wild Scottish Highlands.

FC38(2) PASTERNAK, Boris Doctor Zhivago 3 hrs
Describes with great feeling the effect of the Russian Revolution on a variety of characters, but in particular a sensitive young doctor. Zhivago's early optimisim is steadily ground into disillusionment as his life is turned inside out by by the events of the war and the post-revolutionary era.

FC39(2) FORSYTH, Frederick The Day of the Jackal 3 hrs
The Jackal is a ruthless assassin hired to kill General De Gaulle. The story tells of the hunt for him before he can strike.

FC40(2) TROLLOPE, Anthony Barchester Towers 3 hrs
A delightful tale of intregue and struggle in the ecclesiastical circles of a cathedral city.

FC41(15) McCRONE, Guy Wax Fruit 22 hrs 30 mins
A classic novel set in Glasgow.

FC42(2) CONDON, Richard Prizzi's Honour

FC43(2) BRADFORD, Barbara Taylor A Woman of Substance 3 hrs
Emma Harte has risen from being a poor kitchen maid to being one of the richest women in the world. She is A Woman of Substance. But what is the price she has paid?

FC44(4) Blind Writers Group A New Vision 6 hrs
A collection of stories and poems by the Glasgow Blind Writers Group.

FC45(2) GREENE, Graham The Third Man 3 hrs
Rollo Martins is invited to Vienna by his school friend Harry Lime, but he arrived just in time to attend Lime's funeral. Rollo is determined to find out the truth behind Harry's death, and in doing so he discovers that his hero was involved in one of the dirtiest rackets going on in post-war Vienna.

FC46(2) FRANCIS, Dick Proof 3 hrs
Tony Beach, wine merchant, knew his scotch. So when he was asked to give his opinion of one particular bottle it seemed harmless enough. But the bottle contained firewater of a highly explosive nature, and Tony found himself heading for danger.

FC47(4) PRYDE, Helen W. The McFlannels See It Through 6 hrs
The story of the ups and downs of this Clydeside clan during the war years. This second instalment of the McFlannels family album glints with canny humour in the true McFlannel style.

FC48(3) HENRY, Francis Quest for a Kelpie 4 hrs 30 mins
A story set in a Scottish fishing community at the end of the 18th. century. It involves a young girl's search for a mythological kelpie horse, which if found and ridden, gives the rider magical powers.

FC49(6) LEE, Laurie Cider With Rosie 9 hrs
Recalling life in a remote Cotswold village nearly forty years ago, Laurie Lee conveys the semi-pleasant spirit of a thousand-years-old tradition.

FC50(4) Le CARRE, John Little Drummer Girl 6 hrs
On a Greek beach 'Charlie the Red' meets a man who will change her life in a way she could never have imagined - by giving her a leading role in a deadly, true life drama.

FC51(2) FRANCIS, Dick Risk 3 hrs
Bound, gagged, viciously beaten up - the odds aren't in Roland Britten's favour.

FC52(4) BUCHAN, Peter Fit Like Skipper 6 hrs
A story of fisherfolk in the north-east of Scotland.

FC53(2) ADAMS, Douglas The Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy 3 hrs
The story of Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect's 'hitch-hike' through the galaxy after the Earth is unexpectedly demolished. You see, plans for the development of the outlying regions of the galaxy requires the building of the new hyperspatial express route and, unfortunately, the Earth happens to lie in the path of this wonderful new highway. Which is a bit of a shame, really.

FC54(2) ADAMS, Douglas Life, the Universe and Everything 3 hrs
In this, the third volume of Douglas Adams' galactic adventures, Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect find themselves deposited in the middle of the pitch at Lord's Cricket Ground in the 1980's - exactly two days before the Earth is due to be demolished by the Vogons to make way for the new hyperspatial express route.

FC55(2) KESEY, Ken One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 3 hrs
Chief Bromden, a huge half-breed Indian, whom the authorities think is deaf and dumb, tells the story of a mental institution ruled by the formidable Big Nurse. Into this terrifying grey world comes R. P. Mc Murphy, a brawling gambling man, who wages war on behalf of his cowed fellow inmates.

FC56(2) ARCHER, Jeffrey A Matter of Honour 3 hrs
Should Adam Scott open the letter and discover what had caused his father to leave the regiment in disgrace and force him to resign his commission? His mother begs him not to, but the moment he does he realises that his life can never be the same again.

FC57(2) Le CARRE, John The Spy Who Came In From The Cold 3 hrs
Agent Alec Leamas plays out an intricate and dangerous plot of deception designed to lead him to the top man behind the Berlin Wall.

FC58(2) PATON, Alan Cry, The Beloved Country 3 hrs
A story told with simlicity and compassion, of a simple Zulu parson's search for his delinquent son amonst the turbulence of Johannesburg.

FC59(2) GALSWORTHY, John The Man of Property 3 hrs
The first of nine novels by John Galsworthy which make up The Forsyte Saga. The books cover fifty years of the decline of the Forsyte family, from the 1880's to the 1930's.

FC60(2) LEITCH, Patricia The Adventures of Robin Hood 3 hrs
In this great adventure story we follow the exploits of Robin Hood and his merry men of Sherwood Forest.

FC61(2) MORTIMER, John Paradise Postponed 3 hrs
This compelling and funny novel unveils the foibles and passions of an astonishing array of characters, and unfolds a vivid panorama of English life from 1945 to the present to reveal just why paradise is always postponed.

FC62(2) FORSYTH, Frederick The Fourth Protocol 3 hrs
John Preston, an MI5 investigator, works on the faintest of clues and against time to uncover the details of a Russian plot to shatter the defences of the West and change the face of British society forever.

FC63(2) Thursday Writers Group The Mind's Eye 3 hrs
A number of short stories written by blind authors.

FC64(2) FRANCIS, Dick Break In 3 hrs
A story about family relationships, and the abuse of power by the gutter press, who will go to any lengths to get the information they seek and then to use it as they choose.

FC65(4) WHITE, James Dillon The Maggie 6 hrs
The Maggie is pure comedy. It is the story of a small cargo boat - the "puffer" Maggie - which, although hardly seaworthy, still manages to ply for trade round the lochs and small islands of Western Scotland.

FC66(1) DURBRIDGE, Francis Paul Temple & The Harkdale Robbery 1 hrs 30 mins
A chance encounter with an attractive red-haired dancer leads Paul Temple into his most puzzling case - a bank is robbed of £42,000 and one of the men involved is found murdered in Temple's own garage.

FC67(2) HERRIOT, James The Lord God Made Them All 3 hrs
After the war James Herriot continued his veterinary practice with Siegfried Farnon, and these stories tell of that period of his life - when he had two small children of his own and when veterinary medicine was undergoing important changes due to new drugs and new surgical techniques.

FC68(2) FRANCIS, Dick Knock Down 3 hrs
Bidders at a livestock auction have to worry more than catching the eye of the Auctioneer - someone is out to intimidate them.

FC69(6) ATKINSON, Eleanor Greyfriars Bobby 9 hrs
Based on the true story of a little Skye terrier called Bobby, whose devotion led him to to return to his master's grave, every night for fourteen years.

FC70(2) HELLER, Joseph Catch 22 3 hrs
Being crazy was not a bad thing, Yossarian reasoned, for there was a rule stating that anyone who was crazy would be grounded. Then he discovered Catch 22.

FC71(1) FORSYTH, Frederick The Shepherd 1 hrs 30 mins
To land an aeroplane in zero visibility requires a talk down from the Radar Controller - but an aeroplane whose radio has failed requires something or someone else.

FC72(6) McARTHUR , A. & KINGSLEY LONG, H. No Mean City 9 hrs
Parts of this recording may be considered unsuitable for family reading. A novel of Glasgow's pre-war slum underworld - an underworld startling in its crude brutality. The savage, near-truth descriptions, the raw character portrayals, bring to life a story that is facinating, authentic and convincing.

FC73(2) CHAUCER, Geoffry Canterbury Tales 3 hrs
A collection of diverse tales told by a group of travellers on a pilgrimage to the shrine of Thomas a'Becket at Canterbury.

FC74(1) Thursday Writers Group A collection of short stories - December 1989. 1 hrs 30 mins
A collection of short stories by blind authors.

FC75(5) McGHEE, Bill Cut and Run 7 hrs 30 mins
A story of the Glasgow slums, its streets, its people, its pubs, goals, betting shops, brothels, dance halls and the teeming life behind the grimey walls of the great grim tenements, where lust and violence walk hand-in-hand. xxxx[This book contains explicit language which could give offence]xxxx

FC76(2) CLANCY, Tom Red Storm Rising 3 hrs
A critical shortage in the USSR sees the KGB devise a brilliant plan to pit the NTO allies against each other - a destruction calculated to to enable the Soviets to sieze all the oil in the Persian Gulf.

FC77(3) BLAIR, Anna Croft and Creel 9 hrs
A collection of coastal memories touching many aspects of life round the coast of Scotland.

FC78(2) HARDY, Thomas The Mayor of Casterbridge 3 hrs
The powerful story of Michael Trenchard, a tough headstronf West Country haytrusser who rose to become the richest corn merchant and chief citizen of the town of Casterbridge.

FC79(2) HIGGINS, Jack Solo 3 hrs
'He had the skills of a supreme concert pianist, but the mind of a cold blooded murderer'.

FC80(2) BLOCH, Robert Psycho 3 hrs
A terrifying story of murder nd suspense.

FC81(2) ORWELL, George Nineteen Eighty Four 3 hrs
Classic story of Winston Smith's rebellion against the Party, of his hatred of Big Brother, and of the thought crime which must ultimately result in his destruction.

FC82(2) BALLARD, J.G. Empire of the Sun 3 hrs
The searing tale of a young boy's struggle to survive the hardships of a Japanese internment camp.

FC83(2) KING, Stephen Thinner 3 hrs
Everything had been going great for Billy Halleck, until one day the gypsies came to town .............

FC84(2) MacLEAN, Alistair When Eight Bells Toll 3 hrs
An action-packed adventure story in which Secret Service agent, Philip Calvert, hunts a ruthless gang who are pirating shipments of gold bullion off the west coast of Scotland.

FC85(4) GOLDING, William Lord of the Flies 6 hrs
In this modern classic a group of school boys are stranded on a desert island. It illustrates with vivid realism how quickly civilisation can break down.

FC86(1) GREENE, Graham When Greek Meets Greek 1 hrs 30 mins
An entertaining tale of aged wiles being bested by youthful cunning. A pair of affable old con men meet their match in the younger generation whilst attempting to out-manouvre each other.

FC87(1) POE, Edgar Allan Tales of Edgar Allan Poe 1 hrs 30 mins
A collection of short stories from Edgar Allan Poe.

FC88(13) GRAY, Alistair Lanark - A Life in Four Books. 19 hrs 30 mins
Acritically acclaimed fantasy with a Glasgow backdrop xxxxxxx[This book contains explicit language which could give offence.]xxxxxxxx

FC89(2) DAHL, Roald Kiss, Kiss 3 hrs
Three spine-tingling, tantalizing and terrifying tales from the master of the macabre!

FC90(2) MORTIMER, John The Trials of Rumpole 3 hrs
The second volume about the life and trials that eccentic barrister famous for his infinite knowledge of blood stains, blood groups and forgery by typewriter.

FC91(2) CAUNITZ, Willaim J. Suspects 3 hrs
A tough talking tale that starts with murder in a Brooklyn candy store, and goes on to discover something rotten in the life - and death - of Lt. Joseph P. Gallagher. xxxxxxxx[ This book contains explicit language which could give offence]xxxxxxx

FC92(2) STEVENSON, Robert Louis The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 3 hrs
The story of Dr. Jekyll who transforms himself for nights on the town in the bestial body and evil personality of Mr. Hyde - first as an experiment, then at will and finally in spite of himself.

FC93(2) SHARPE, Tom Wilt 3 hrs
The wickedly funny story of Henry Wilt's desperate attempt to escape married bliss. xxxxxxx[ This book contains explicit language which could give offence] xxxxxxx

FC94(3) MUNRO, Neil Jimmy Swan, Commercial Traveller. 4 hrs 30 mins
Jimmy Swan, travelling man and master salesman, is one of Neil Munro's finest comic creations.

FC95(6) HAY, Ian The Poor Gentleman 9 hrs
A thriller set in the Home Counties with a blind hero and many amusing interludes.

FC96(5) HAY, Ian Thr Right Stuff 7 hrs 30 mins
The rise of a poor Highland lad o' pairts to Cabinet Minister with many amusing interludes.

FC97(2) STEINBECK, John Of Mice and Men 3 hrs
This is the story of Lennie, one of Steinbeck's most poignent characters. A simple-minded giant, Lennie must rely on George, his mentor and protector.

FC98(7) HAY, Ian David and Destiny 10 hrs 30 mins
A story about a young Scots orphan in London whose unusual escape from police custody leads him to a musical career.

FC99(6) GREY, Zane Stairs of Sand 9 hrs
Adam has gone into the desert to atone for a mighty sin; he'd killed his brother and lost the one woman he'd ever love. After years of exile, he fins his lost love - married to the brother, who never died.

FC100(6) FRANCIS, Dick For Kicks 9 hrs
When the horse that wins a race gallops in with frothing mouth and popping eyes, what more natural than to suspect that someone's slipped a booster into its oats?

FC101(6) FLEMING, Ian Dr No 9 hrs
M, hasn't forgiven James Bond for the negligence on his last assignment that nearly cost Bond his life. Brusqely, almost contemptuously, he tosses Bond a time-wasting, shabby little case in the Carribbean

FC102(6) FLEMING, Ian You Only Live Twice 9 hrs
Following the death of his wife, James Bond has gone to pieces, he is even on the verge of becoming a security risk. M is persuaded to give him one last chance - an impossible mission far removed from his usual duties - and Bond leaves for Japan.

FC103(6) WAUGH Evelyn Vile Bodies 9 hrs
Life was one long party for the Bright Young People who careered through fashionable Mayfair in their twenties. A black comedy of the subtlest and most ironic variety.

FC104(2) COOKSON Catherine The Invisible Cord 3 hrs
Out of a mother's love for her first child comes agony and heartbreak.

FC105(4) ANDREWS, Lucilla Hospital Circles 6 hrs
When Jo Dungarven, third year nurse at St Benedicts, tried to act as a match-maker for her aunt and Senior Surgival Officer , Red Leyland, her aunt seemed interested, but then, Jo found that she herself, was becoming involved.

FC106(6) LIVELY , Penelope According To Mark 9 hrs
When Mark Lamming leaves London for Dorset one May morning to meet the granddaughter of Gilbert Strong, the long dead man of letters whose biography he is writing , he has no suspicion that his fullfilling and well-ordered life is about to be set on end.

FC107(5) SALINGER, J. D. The Catcher in the Rye 7 hrs 30 mins
Parts of this recording may be considered unsuitable for family reading. A classic American novel.

FC108(6) McALVENNY, William The Big Man 9 hrs
The big man is Dan Scoular, a working-class legend of physical prowess, fighting for his heritage - a decaying community in a small Ayrshire town - fighting to keep it afloat and intact.

FC109(6) FORRESTER, Helen Thursday's Child 9 hrs
When Peggie and Ajit fell in love, each one knew the future would not be easy. But as they began their new life, far from their homes and their families, they found that love could bring two worlds together.

FC110(2) LUELLEN, Valentina Castle of the Mist 3 hrs
A scandalous marriage to an impotent, elderly roue - undertaken to pay her brother Malcolm's gambling debts - has left Isabel de Riche cynical, her reputation ruined.

FC111(4) RAE, Gilbert In the House O'Braefoot 6 hrs
Stories, humorous and philosophical, about the characters in a Clydeside village and their adventures in the early part of the 20th. century.

FC112(2) DICKENS, Charles A Tale of Two Cities 3 hrs
One of the most dramatic and eventful novels from Dickens, containing scenes of cruelty and violence, of love and loyalty, acted out against the background of the French Revolution and the dread shadow of that sharp female, La Guillotione.

FC113(6) INNES, Hammond The Lonely Skier 9 hrs
Neil Blair, a jobless ex-army officer runs into Derek Engles, his old Battery Commander, and is there and then offered the chance of a lifetime.

FC114(2) PAINE, Lauren The Lord of Lost Valley 3 hrs
Douglas Hyland was the Lord of Lost Valley. He owned 53,000 acres of land, thousands of head of cattle and horses and had a riding crew of nine tough men. But when trouble came, Hyland had to leave the Valley, which dumped it all in the lap of Sheriff Evan Hatfield.

FC115(2) REID, Desmond The Man from Pecos 3 hrs
Texas.......and the storm clouds were gathering. There were still secessionists unwilling to accept the mandate of the people who wanted to separate from the Union. And there were others who worked hard for a takeover by Mexico.

FC116(2) Le CARRE, John The Russia House 3 hrs
It is the third uncertain summer of Perestroika and, in Moscow, a parcel containing information held to be vital to the defence of the West is addressed to Barley Blair in England.

FC117(2) CHRISTIE, Agatha Poirot 3 hrs
Two gripping murder mystery dramatisations from the Queen of crime.

FC118(2) SMITH, Wilbur A Time to Die 3 hrs
Set against the majesty of the African landscape, its great plains, swamplands, forests and mountains. A story of courage and friendship, the thrill of the hunt, the savagery of war and the saving power of love.

FC119(2) WELLS, H. G. The War of the Worlds 3 hrs
Classical science-fiction novel about the invasion of the Earth by Men from Mars. At first, the horrifying monsters are not taken seriously, but they soon overcome mankind's puny defences and advance on London, wreaking destruction and havoc.

FC120(2) ARCHER, Jeffrey The Loophole 3 hrs
A collection of six stories, all different and all ending with 'A Twist in the Tale'.

FC121(8) HAY, Ian A Knight on Wheels 12 hrs
The hero of this light-hearted story is an inventor of mechanical improvements for early cars; a romantically minded young man who is carrying a torch for his lady.

FC122(5) HAY, Ian The Midshipmaid 7 hrs 30 mins
A light-hearted tale of the escapades on board a cruiser of the Maditerranean fleet, based in Malta in the 1920's.

FC123(5) CROCKETT, S. R. The Stickitt Minister and Some Common Men 7 hrs 30 mins
A collection of tales, set in the Borders, which are a mixture of pathos and comedy and provide varied entertainment.

FC124(6) HAY, Ian The First One Hundred Thousand 9 hrs
Stories of the Great War set in an imaginary Scottish regiment.

FC125(2) LEWIS, Michael Liar's Poker 3 hrs
In the 1980's, 'The Street' was a gambler's paradise. Never before had the stakes been so high or the players so young.

FC126(2) HAILEY, Arthur The Evening News 3 hrs
The Evening News takes you behind the cameras and beyond the sound bites of the billion-dollar news industry, revealing an explosive world rife with ethical dilemmas and mortal danger.

FC127(3) SWEETMAN, Domingo The Tasks of Gavin Lee 4 hrs 30 mins
Gavin and Steven, two students leaving Aquinas College, embark on a strange interplanetary journey, exploring other worlds and performing a special mission.

FC128(2) MacLEAN, Alistair Where Eagles Dare 3 hrs
A story of a handful of men led by Major Smith. Their mission is supposedly to rescue a high-ranking American general who is being held inside an 'impenetrable' Gestapo command post.

FC129(2) MONSERRAT, Nicholas The Cruel Sea 3 hrs
One of the best novels ever written about the war in the Atlantic. This book follows the lives and deaths of the men on board the refitted escort ship Compass Rose

FC130(2) CHRISTIE, Agatha The Blue Geranium 3 hrs
Once again, Miss Marple proves that, by simply observing human nature in the sleepy village of St. Mary Mead, she is easily able to solve the mysteries put forward by guests at a dinner party.

FC131(2) HERBERT, James The Fog 3 hrs
No one knew where it came from, but in its wake it left a trail of suicide and murder.

FC132(2) BAGLEY, Desmond Juggernaut 3 hrs
The juggernaut was as long as a football pitch; it weighted 550 tons. Its task: to transport a transformer across an oil-rich African state through a bitter civil war.

FC133(5) ORWELL, George Coming up for Air 7 hrs 30 mins
Parts of this recording may be considered unsuitable for family reading. The year is 1938. George Bowling tries to escape from his joyless marriage to Hilda and the fear of another war by revisiting Lower Binfield, the town of his birth.

FC134(2) FRANCIS, Dick The Danger 3 hrs
Andrew Douglas is a partner in the firm of Liberty Market Ltd. which specialises in giving advice and assistance to individuals or families touched by the terror of kidnapping. Here, a string of connected kidnappings embroils the horse-racing world from Italy to the United States.

FC135(2) SMITH, Wilbur Rage 3 hrs
This novel displays all of Wilbur Smith's most powerful skills of storytelling in a sweeping adventure full of passion and danger.

FC136(2) GEORGE, Elizabeth Well-Schooled in Murder 3 hrs
When thirteen-year olf Mathew Whateley goes missing from a prestigious public school in West Sussex, the lad's housemaster calls on an old school chum, Inspector Thomas Lynley, for help.

FC137(2) KELLERMAN, Jonathan Silent Partner 3 hrs
When psychologist-detective Dr. Alex Delaware neets his former lover Sharon Ransom at a party, she is as alluring as ever. Ignoring her hints for help, he evades her. The next day, she is dead.

FC138(2) PILCHER, Rosamunde September 3 hrs
Set in Scotland, September follows the fortunes of two families as they prepare for a party that will prove the turning point in all their lives.

FC139(2) SHELDON, Sidney The Naked Face 3 hrs
In this taut, gripping story of a man stalked by an unknown murderer, America's bestselling author Sidney Sheldon creates an atmosphere of suspense and terror.

FC140(2) WALLACE, Edgar Sheer Melodrama 3 hrs
A collection of four short stories.

FC141(2) ARCHER, Jeffrey Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less 3 hrs
When Harvey Metcalfe swindles four unsuspecting investors in a ficticious oil company, the victims join together to gain revenge and recover what they lost.

FC142(2) BRONTE, Charlotte Jane Eyre 3 hrs
This classic novel traces the story of Jane Eyre from her unhappy childhood as an orphan to her adult life and her eventual happiness.

FC143(7) STEVENSON, D. E. Miss Buncle's Book 10 hrs 30 mins
A very amusing book about an impecunious lady who writes a book to make ends meet. Having no imagination, she writes about her neighbours who do not appreciate the resulting notoriety.

FC144(6) JAMES, P. D. Unnatural Causes 9 hrs
The peaceful village of Monksmere on the Suffolk coast was Superintendent Adam Dalgliesh's retreat from the brutality he had to deal with at Scotland Yard. Then they discovered the mutilated body of crime writer Maurice Seaton, whose macabre murder was to spark off a wave of unparalleled horror.

FC145(6) JAMES, P. D. An Unsuitable Job for a Woman 9 hrs
Cordelia Gray saw no reason why her job as a private detective was an unsuitable job for a woman - until she was employed to discover why a renowned scientist's son had committed suicide, and discovered his family's insidious secrets.

FC146(2) WRIGHT, Katrina A Dangerous Love 3 hrs
She knew she had found the perfect man, and not even fear that her life was at risk could make her leave.

FC147(2) FIELDING, Lucy From Greece With Love 3 hrs
It was meant to be a carefree holiday but every day something sinister and frightening happened. Even so, she hoped that with this man's help, she would win through.

FC148(6) FRANCOME, John & MacGREGOR, James Riding High 9 hrs
Life has been hard on Alistair Rye. A promising career as a racing trainer was ruined by a dishonest owner - and now a disastrous race at Deaville is threatening ruin all over again.

FC149(2) CHANDLER, Raymond Trouble is my Business 3 hrs
Private eye John Dalmas sets out to rescue a rich young playboy from the clutches of a fortune-hunting redhead and a blackmailing gambler. But, as he moves through the seamy side of Los Angeles wealth and glitz, he keeps bumping into dead bodies.

FC150(6) LEEMING, John F. A Girl Like Wigan 9 hrs
During the war, a painting by Botticelli was hidden for safety. For fifty years it was lost, before Tommaso and Arnold discovered it in a cave. Should they inform the authorities, or should they give way to temptation and try to sell it?

FC151(8) BRENT, Madeleine Moonraker's Bride 12 hrs
Lucy Waring is thrown into Chengfu prison, where she meets Nicholas Sabine, a condemned man. The mysterious riddles he asks her echo through all that befalls her in the following months.

FC152(4) COOK, Bob Disorderly Elements 6 hrs
A communist mole in the very top level of British Security! Not even the Philby affair was half as serious.

FC153(4) PATTINSON, James The Petronov Plan 6 hrs
A quite political manoeuvre erupts into an international incident as one man escapes with a shattering secret.

FC154(4) ROYCE, Kenneth Bones in the Sand 6 hrs
It was a diabolical way to die. The sand bit into Maged's back; the sun probed his eyelids and stabbed at his brain. The desert was a slow torturer and it would take two days.

FC155(4) CADELL, Elizabeth Language of the Heart 6 hrs
A romantic novel set in Portugal.

FC156(2) LAWRENCE, D. H. The Virgin and the Gipsy 3 hrs
An exhilarating story of young love, passion and intensity, in which a wild gipsy meets an innocent girl, and lets loose in her a force which she finds hard to resist.

FC157(7) STEVENSON, D. E. Miss Buncle Married 10 hrs 30 mins
This sequel to 'Miss Buncles Book' (Cat. #143) continues the entertaining situations brought about by Miss Buncle's interference.

FC158(2) DOYLE, Arthur Conan The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Vol. 1) 3 hrs
A collection of four classic stories produced by the BBC Radio Collection.

FC159(4) MUNRO, James Die Rich, Die Happy 6 hrs
For John Craig, a 'sensitive' operation usually means 'to kill'. But now, Craig has the unlikely job of keeping someone else alive; Harry Naxos, a Greek millionaire who has a fatal interest in Middle-Eastern oil.

FC160(2) LUDLUM, Robert The Chancellor Manuscript 3 hrs
Inver Brass, a group of high-minded and high-placed intellectuals, sees a monstrous threat to the country in J. Edgar Hoover's secret files. They decide to discreetly eliminate him.

FC161(2) WALLACE, Irving The Seventh Secret 3 hrs
A fast-paced thriller which brings together a cast from America, Britain, Israel and the Soviet Union, who join forces to uncover an astonishing forty-year-old secret.

FC162(4) FOLLETT, Ken Pillars of the Earth 6 hrs
It is the 12th Century. The land is England - untamed, fivided and about to plunge into a brutal struggle for the succession of the throne.

FC163(5) FULTON, Alexander The Aphrodite Cargo 7 hrs 30 mins
A story about a cargo of Nazi loot shipped out of South Russia during the war and lost off the Greek island of Aphos. Knowledge of the Aphrodite Cargo could leave Mike Clinker very rich... or very dead.

FC164(2) VARIOUS Virago Ghost Stories 2 hrs 30 mins
Four deliciously chilling tales by four outstanding writers.

FC165(6) LATHEN, Emma Murder Without Icing 9 hrs
When a real-estate dealer who was endeavouring to buy up a controlling interest in an ice-hockey team is found dead, the team's financial backers find themselves with the sort of publicity they could well have done without.

FC166(2) SCHAEFER, Jack Shane 3 hrs
Shane was powerful yet gentle, dangerous yet kind and although they could discover nothing about his past, Shane touched the life and heart of each member of the Starrett family.

FC167(2) ANDREWS, Lucia My Friend the Professor 3 hrs
Francis Dorland, a first-year student nurse at a leading London hospital finds herself falling in love with a tall, distinguished man, considerably older than herself.

FC168(8) BOGARDE, Dirk West of Sunset 12 hrs
Hugo Arlington, a celebrated young writer, is killed in a tragic road accident. Or was it a deliberate act of suicide? Stranded and impoverished, Hugo's widow Alice and their two daughters struggle to come to terms with a future without Hugo.

FC169(4) CADELL, Elizabeth The Green Empress 6 hrs
The Green Empress coaches specialise in taking important clients across Europe in luxury. Angus Graham becomes 'liaison officer' and finds danger and difficulties on the journey.

FC170(2) PETERS, Ellis Monk's Hood 3 hrs
Shrewsbury, 1138, and Gervase Bonel is about to leave his manor for the Abbey. All he asks in return is a comfortable house, run y the monks, to end his days in peace. Then, suddenly, Gervase is dead - poisoned before he can sign the papers.

FC171(4) CRONIN, A. J. Lady With Carnations 6 hrs
Katherine Lorimar, by hard work, flair and courage, has worked her way to the top of a trade that traditionally belongs to men. Yet, having acquired a famous Holbein miniature despite fierce competition, she feels not triumph but a terrible anxiety and desolation.

FC172(2) MARCH, Stella Barrier to Love 3 hrs
When Charles proposed to her, Juliet would have given anything to have been able to say 'yes', for he was the only man she had ever loved. But it was quite impossible. Because of something that had happened in the past, she could never marry him.

FC173(2) ADAMS, Douglas Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency 3 hrs
What is a holistic detective agency? Are there any holistic detectives? Is Dirk Gently more interested in Pizza than finding the answer to either of these questions? And how did the dodo get into it?

FC174(2) LONDON, Jack Call of the Wild 3 hrs
A story set against the background of the wild and frozen frontiers of Alaska, where, at the turn of the century, thousands of men rushed in search of gold.

FC175(2) AUSTEN, Jane Emma 3 hrs
The intriguing story of Emma Woodhouse, beautiful and intelligent (yet scheming and self-centred), as she attempts to manipulate the lives and romances of those around her. in doing so, she loses the one man who really loves her.

FC176(3) SHERRY, Sylvia Dark River Dark Mountain 4 hrs 30 mins
A story set in the wild and rugged countryside of the Pennines.

FC177(8) DAVIS, Margaret Thomson Rag Woman, Rich Woman 12 hrs
Parts of this recording may be considered unsuitable for family reading. The 1920's. A story of a young girl's determination to better herself, and her eventual rise from the Glasgow slums.

FC178(2) PILCHER, Rosamunde The Shell Seekers 3 hrs
Her father's painting, 'The Shell Seekers', is Penelope Keeling's most treasured possession, but when she discovers that it is now worth a small fortune, Penelope must make the decision that threatens to tear her family apart.

FC179(2) TYLER, Anne Saint Maybe 3 hrs
One night, Ian, the saint of the title, feels compelled to tell his older brother Danny that his wife is cheating on him, and that the baby he adores is not his own. A fatal tragedy follows.

FC181(2) WOODHOUSE, P. G. Pigs Have Wings 3 hrs
Lord Emsworth has every confidence that his prize pig will triumph over the competition in the forthcoming agricultural show. His arch-rival, Sir Gregory Parsloe, has other ideas.

FC182(2) BARNES, Julian Flaubert's Parrot 3 hrs
A compelling weave of fiction and imaginatively ordered fact.

FC183(2) FRANCIS, Dick Rat Race 3 hrs
Following an explosion in his aircraft, Matt Shore suddenly finds himself drawn into a high-risk game where the stakes are survival itself.

FC184(2) FRANCIS, Dick Smokescreen 3 hrs
Film action man Edward Lincoln was an easy-going, dedicated family man. but when a dying friend asked him to find out why the horses in her South African racing stable were no longer winning, he was forced to play the resourceful hero for real - or die in one easy take on the African veldt...

FC185(1) CARTLAND, Barbara Dawn of Love 1 hrs 30 mins
Set in 1913, just after the publication of Shaw's 'Pygmalion', the original story of 'My Fair Lady'. Sir Hugo Benson wagers that he can emulate Henry Higgins and picks a girl called Lorena to emulate Eliza Doolittle. But the story does not end there...

FC186(2) BUCKERIDGE, Anthony Jennings 2 hrs 30 mins
Yes, he's back! That perennial schoolboy prankster, Jennings, along with his friend and partner in crime, Darbishire, return in uniform. And they're busy settling into life at Linbury Court School in the best way they know how...

FC187(2) THOMAS, Craig Playing with Cobras 3 hrs
Craig Thomas is in top form in this superbly constructed thriller, building the tension exquisitely to its edge-of-the-seat climax. It began as a simple inquiry: had Philip Cass savagely murdered his beautiful mistress, wife of India's soon-to-be Prime Minister, V. K. Sharmar? Patrick Hyde, ex-SIS agent, owes his life to Cass, so he agrees to investigate the case... unofficially.

FC188(2) LUDLUM, Robert The Bourne Ultimatum 3 hrs
Thirteen years have passed since David Webb was last forced to assume the alias of the assassin, Jason Bourne. Now, with one phone call, Webb is thrust back into the madness. His greatest enemy, Carlos the Jackal, is determined to eliminate the one man whose reputation as an international assassin approaches his own.

FC189(4) GRISHAM, John The Pelican Brief 6 hrs
Late one night, Justice Abe Rosenberg is shot to death in his home. Two hours later, the youngest and most conservative Justice is strangled. Darby Shaw, a law student, thinks she has the answer.

FC190(2) FRANCIS, Dick Odds Against 3 hrs
Sid Halley, champion jockey, had to give up racing when his hand was smashed. But his next job brought him a bullet right in the middle of his chest. As he soon discovers, life as a private eye can get a lot worse, especially when a ruthless property dealer has plans for Seabury racetrack.

FC191(2) DOYLE, Arthur Conan The Sign of Four 3 hrs
Once again, we are off on an adventure with Sherlock Holmes and his good-natured friend, Dr. Watson.

FC192(2) ATWOOD, Margaret The Handmaid's Tale 3 hrs
The Republic of Gilead allows Offred only one function: to breed. If she deviates, she will, like all dissenters, be hanged at the wall or sent out to die slowly of radiation poisoning. But even a repressive state cannot obliterate desire - neither Offred's nor that of the two men with whom her future rests...

FC193(2) SAPPER Bulldog Drummond 3 hrs
Hugh Drummond finds himself plunged into this most hazardous enterprise as a result of a newspaper advertisement, and the fascination exerted by a pair of irresistible blue eyes, set in the alluring and attractive face of a damsel in distress.

FC194(2) GALSWORTHY, John In Chancery 3 hrs
'In Chancery' is the second of nine novels by John Galsworthy which make up The Forsyte Saga. The books cover fifty years of the decline of the Forsyte family from the 1880's to the 1930's.

FC196(8) HERRIOT, James Every Living Thing 12 hrs
In this new and eagerly-awaited book, James Herriot vividly brings to life the days of triumph and disaster, pride and often heartache which are an inseparable part of the life of a practicing vet in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales

FC197(3) BAWDEN, Nina Carrie's War 4 hrs 30 mins
Carrie and Nick were wartime evacuees billeted in Wales. Their friend Albert was luckier, living in Druid's Bottom. Carrie and Nick were happy just to visit him here, until Carrie did a terrible thing - the worst thing she ever did in her life...

FC198(6) HIND, Archie The Dear Green Place 9 hrs
This is a perceptive and moving portrayal of Glasgow and the strggle of its hero to realise his ambition to be a writer.

FC199(2) ARCHER, Jeffrey Honour Among Thieves 3 hrs
The destruction of the President of the Unnited States. Saddam Hussein was the instigator, but while he sets his plans in motion, a young Israeli girl is out for revenge.

FC200(2) LUDLUM, Robert The Road to Omaha 3 hrs
From the number one bestselling author comes a brilliant satire crammed with wit, action, intrigue and suspense: all the hallmarks of a classic Ludlum, with wild chaotic humour thrown in.

FC201(2) SMITH, Martin Cruz Gorky Park 3 hrs
When the Senior Investigator in the Moscow Prosecutor's Office arrives in Gorky Park to examine the three mutilated corpses in the snow, he discovers that he is not the first investigator on the scene.

FC202(2) CHRISTIE, Agatha Partners in Crime (Vol. 2) 3 hrs
Agatha Christie's wonderful combination of wit and intrigue will delight you in this collectio of short stories starring the dynamic detective duo, Tommy and Tuppence Beresford.

FC207(2) TROLLOPE, Joanna A Spanish Lover 3 hrs
Lizzie and Frances are twins. But while Lizzie has a husband, four demanding children, and helps to run the gallery she and her husband began, Frances has only a small business. Lizzie, being a proper sister, worries about Frances and, when Frances takes a Spanish lover, her worries turn to dismay, then fear.

FC208(2) WALLER, Robert James The Bridges of Madison County 3 hrs
The story of Robert Kincaid, a world class photographer, and Francesca Johnson, an Iowa farm wife. Each of them is content, yet when Kincaid drives through the heat and dust of an Iowa Summer and turns into her farm lane looking for directions, their ilusions fall away,

FC210(2) MELVILLE, Herman Moby Dick 2 hrs

FC212(2) JEROME, Jerome K. Three Men in a Boat 2 hrs

FC213(2) DICKENS, Charles David Copperfield 2 hrs

FC214(2) BRONTE, Emily Wuthering Heights 2 hrs

FC215(2) CLANCY, Tom The Hunt for Red October 3 hrs
The Americans want her. The Russians want her back. Her commander is confident of his ship's ability to avoid detection and is determined to settle a bitter score. A battle of nerves above and below the waves, providing a thriller unrivalled in its authenticity.

FC216(2) MORTIMER, John The Trials of Rumpole 2 hrs 30 mins
A BBC radio collection of that great barrister at work solving four new cases.

FC218(2) RENDELL, Ruth Inspector Wexford 2 hrs 15 mins
The stories in this collection give Detective Chief Inspector Wexford two more challenging cases.

FC219(3) SAYERS, Dorothy L. The Nine Tailors 3 hrs 15 mins
Ian Carmichael stars as Lord Peter Wimsey, man about town and amateur sleuth.

FC220(2) SAYERS, Dorothy L. The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club 3 hrs
The dignified calm of the Bellona Club is shattered when gentleman supersleuth Lord Peter Wimsey finds General Fentiman dead in his favourite chair.

FC222(2) HIGGINS, Jack The Dark Side of the Street 2 hrs 30 mins
The Baron specialises in arranging prison breakouts - for a price. It should be a killing for the Baron, but then Harry's cellmate turns out to be a tp intelligence operative - and he's aiming to crack the Baron's organisation.

FC223(2) PETERS, Ellis A Morbid Taste For Bones 3 hrs
The first of Ellis Peters' superb books of mediaeval whodunnits. These stories feature cult hero Brother Cadfael, who uses his skills as a herbalist and his prowess as a detective to solve this mystery.

FC224(2) DOYLE, Arthur Conan Sherlock Holmes 2 hrs
Four exciting cases to confront the world's famous detective, namely: "The Copper Beeches"; "The Engineer's Thumb"; "The Sussex Vampire" and "Shoscombe Old Place".

FC225(2) DURAS, Marguerit The Lover 2 hrs
She was a young white French girl, and he was a wealthy Chinese man. This is the tale of their illicit liaison, and the passion and pain of their hopeless love.

FC226(2) TROLLOPE, Joanna A Village Affair 3 hrs
An elegant and immensely moving story of love, life and seduction, told with all Joanna Trollope's warm perception.

FC227(2) TROLLOPE, Joanna The Rector's Wife 3 hrs
Warmly perceptive, delicately witty, Joanna Trollope's tale of a woman caught in the web of parish life makes marvellously compelling listening.

FC228(2) HEMINGWAY, Ernest The Old Man and the Sea 3 hrs
Full of vivid imagery and high drama, this book was thought by the author - and many of his readers - to be his best work. This gripping story is one that stays in the memory long after its resolution.