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HE1(1) Health Take Care of Yourself - Keeping Fit in Retirement 1 hrs 30 mins

HE2(1) POWELL, Peter Keep Fit & Dance 1 hrs 30 mins

HE3(1) KENDAL, Felicity Shape up And Dance 1 hrs 30 mins

HE4(3) MITCHELL, Laura Simple Relaxation 4 hrs 30 mins

HE5(3) BROOK, Dr. Oliver The Bouncy Baby Book 4 hrs 30 mins

HE6(1) Health First Aid Manual (1972) 4 hrs 30 mins

HE7(1) Health The Birth of a Baby 1 hrs 30 mins

HE8(1) Health Understanding Diabetes - You and Your Health 1 hrs 30 mins
By Dr. Arnold Bloom and Helen Desmond Dieticians. With assistance from Diabetic patients and their relatives.

HE9(1) MARSHALL, G. H. Retinitis Pigmentosa 1 hrs 30 mins

HE10(2) Health ABC of Ophthalmology - Articles from the British Medical Journal 3 hrs

HE11(1) Health U 100 Insulin Leaflets 1 hrs 30 mins

HE12(1) RUBINSTEIN, Helena Skin Care and Make-Up 1 hrs 30 mins

HE13(1) Scottish Adult Basic Education Unit Depression 1 hrs 30 mins

HE14(1) Scottish Adult Basic Education Unit Death and Dying 1 hrs 30 mins

HE15(1) Scottish Adult Basic Education Unit Bereavement and Widowhood 1 hrs 30 mins

HE16(1) Health Care of Teeth and Gums 1 hrs 30 mins

HE17(1) Health The Business of Living with Retinitis Pigmentosa 1 hrs 30 mins

HE18(1) Health Cosmopolitan Keep Fit 1 hrs 30 mins

HE19(1) Health Ushers Syndrome Leaflet 1 hrs 30 mins

HE20(6) Health No Change - The Menopause 9 hrs

HE21(7) Health Heatherset Package 10 hrs 30 mins

HE22(13) Health SWARB: Let's Talk 19 hrs 30 mins

HE23(2) Health Dust At Work - TUC 3 hrs

HE24(1) Health You Are What You Eat 1 hrs 30 mins

HE25(1) Health Disease - Injury - Dangerous Occurence Booklets 1 hrs 30 mins

HE26(1) Health Cambridge Diet 1 hrs 30 mins

HE27(1) Health Miami Heart Institute Diet 1 hrs 30 mins

HE28(2) Health Health and Smoking 3 hrs

HE29(5) Health Arthritis and Common Sense 7 hrs 30 mins

HE30(2) Health Weight Loss 3 hrs

HE31(2) Health Relaxation 3 hrs

HE32(2) EVANS, Linda Beauty and Exercise 3 hrs

HE33(1) Health Milk and Beauty - Recipe Leaflet 1 hrs 30 mins

HE34(1) Health Relaxation - Lake Isle Relaxation 1 hrs 30 mins

HE35(1) Health Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder 1 hrs 30 mins

HE36(1) JOHNSTONE, May Yoga Relaxation - Breathing and Relaxation Exercises 1 hrs 30 mins

HE37(1) Health Refsums Disease - R.P. Leaflet 1 hrs 30 mins

HE38(1) Health Fit for Life 1 hrs 30 mins

HE39(1) Health Healthcall - Your Guide to Medical Information 1 hrs 30 mins

HE40(1) Health AIDS Information Leaflets 1 hrs 30 mins

HE41(1) GRANT, John Relaxation (1986) 1 hrs 30 mins

HE42(1) BBC Publications You In Mind 1 hrs 30 mins

HE43(1) ROBERTSON, Jenny Relaxation 1 hrs 30 mins

HE44(4) Health Action for Health 6 hrs
Stay warm and extended exercise programme, eat well and keep moving.

HE45(1) Health Save a Life First Aid Handbook 1 hrs 30 mins

HE46(4) GRIGGS, Barbara The Home Herbal - A Guide to Herbal Medicine 6 hrs

HE47(2) Health Good Hearted Glasgow Leaflets - Beating Heart Disease & Food for Thought 3 hrs

HE48(3) Health Take Care of Yourself - Help the Aged 4 hrs 30 mins

HE49(1) Health Keep Warm Advice - Scottish Health Education Group 1 hrs 30 mins

HE50(4) Health Macrobiotics 6 hrs

HE51(3) Health Low Blood Sugar 4 hrs 30 mins

HE52(3) Health Calanetics 4 hrs 30 mins

HE53(1) Health Talking About Depression 1 hrs 30 mins

HE54(1) Health The Menopause 1 hrs 30 mins

HE55(1) Health Understanding Cataract Diabetic Retinopathy 1 hrs 30 mins

HE56(2) Health Coping With Dementia 3 hrs

HE57(1) Health Dementia Leaflets 1 hrs 30 mins

HE58(1) Health The NHS Reforms and You (1990) 1 hrs 30 mins

HE59(4) GULLO, Dr. Stephen & CHURCH, Connie Loveshock 6 hrs
How to recover from a broken heart and love again.

HE60(1) Health Enjoy Good Food - Multiple Sclerosis Society 1 hrs 30 mins
A dietry guide for Multiple Sclerosis sufferers.

HE61(1) Health Contraception for Women 0 hrs 30 mins
Boots Personal Information Leaflet

HE62(1) Health Contraception for Men 0 hrs 30 mins
Boots Personal Information Leaflet

HE63(1) Health Ovulation, Fertility & Pregnancy 0 hrs 30 mins
Boots Personal Information Leaflet.

HE64(1) Health Home Pregnancy Tests 0 hrs 30 mins
Boots Personal Information Leaflets

HE65(5) SILVA, Jose & STONE, Robert B. You the Healer 8 hrs 30 mins
The world-famous Silva method on how to heal yourself and others.

HE66(1) Health You Can Stop Smoking 1 hrs 30 mins
A step-by-step guide on how to give up for good.

HE67(1) JAY, Dr. M.R. Genetics and R.P. 1 hrs 30 mins
A description of the basic rules of genetics as applicable to Retinitis Pigmentosa.

HE68(1) Health Mobility and Communication Skills 1 hrs 30 mins
This booklet helps people with RP overcome some of the practical problems which decreasing vision may cause.

HE69(1) Health Femidom - The Female Condom 1 hrs 30 mins
A guide to the new female condom.

HE70(5) SHERWOOD, Dr. Paul Back and Beyond 7 hrs 30 mins
The hidden effects of back problems on your health.

HE71(6) ORTON, J. Louis Hypnotism 9 hrs
An aid to health, efficiency and happiness.

HE72(5) HUMPHREYS, C. Concentration and Meditation 7 hrs 30 mins
Here are the basic principals of mind development presented by a leading figure in world Buddhism.

HE73(1) Health Head Injuries Trust for Scotland 1 hrs

HE74(1) Health Communication Problems After Head Injury 1 hrs

HE75(1) Health Memory Problems After Head Injury 1 hrs

HE76(1) Health Psychological Effects of Head Injury 1 hrs

HE77(1) Health Personal and Sexual Relationships Following Head Injury 1 hrs

HE78(1) Health A Time for Answers - Tambrands 1 hrs 30 mins
As the maker of Tampax, we are happy to tell you the facts of growing up.

HE79(1) Health Good Health and Diabetes - BDA Information Leaflet 1 hrs 30 mins

HE80(1) Health Hearing Aids 1 hrs 30 mins
A short guide for hearing aid users.

HE81(1) Health Our Daily Calcium 1 hrs 30 mins
This bookliet is about one important element in a healthy diet... CALCIUM. Why is it so essential? Where do we get it from? And how do we make sure we're getting enough throughout life?

HE82(1) NICHOLSON, Joyce Women and Drugs 1 hrs
Information for women who use drugs.

HE83(2) HANN, Judith Total Heath Plan 3 hrs
How to live longer without killing yourself.

HE84(4) MAXWELL-HUDSON, Clare The Complete Book of Massage 6