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HO1(3) SHIELDS, Ken Advanced Home Brewing 4 hrs 30 mins

HO2(1) Hobbies Knitting Patterns - Baby Clothes 1 hrs 30 mins

HO3(1) Hobbies Knitting Patterns - Slippers 1 hrs 30 mins

HO4(1) Hobbies Yoga Lessons 1 hrs 30 mins

HO5(3) JONES, Peter Woodwork for the Visually Impaired 4 hrs 30 mins

HO6(1) Hobbies Wine Making for Beginners 1 hrs 30 mins

HO7(2) Hobbies Baby Clothes Knitting Patterns 3 hrs

HO8(1) Hobbies Spectacular Sound Effects 1 hrs 30 mins

HO10(1) Hobbies Knitting Pattern - Arran Lumber Jacket, Size 38" 1 hrs 30 mins

HO11(1) Hobbies Radio Information 1 hrs 30 mins

HO12(1) Hobbies Knitting Pattern - Ladies' Arran Waistcoat, Size 38 1 hrs 30 mins

HO13(1) Hobbies Knitting Pattern - Ladies V- or Round-Neck Cardigan (Size 34", Pattern No. 5781) 1 hrs 30 mins

HO14(1) Hobbies Continuity Tester Details 1 hrs 30 mins

HO15(1) Hobbies Dinghy Sailing Simply Explained 1 hrs 30 mins

HO16(1) Hobbies Royal Yachting Association Dayboat Course Handbook 1 hrs 30 mins

HO17(1) Hobbies Plant Propagation 1 hrs 30 mins

HO18(2) Hobbies Moving Into Drama 3 hrs

HO20(10) Hobbies Photography 15 hrs

HO21(1) Hobbies Woollen Dress and Argyll Sweater 1 hrs 30 mins

HO22(1) Hobbies Knitted Toys 1 hrs 30 mins

HO23(1) Hobbies Chevy Fashion Sweater - Size 34" 1 hrs 30 mins

HO24(1) Hobbies Bee Keeping 1 hrs 30 mins

HO25(1) Hobbies Leisure-Craft Lacy Top 1 hrs 30 mins

HO26(1) Hobbies Paton's Knitting Pattern for Singlet, 36" 1 hrs 30 mins

HO27(4) Hobbies The Scout Troup 6 hrs

HO28(1) Hobbies Booklet Called Binatone - CB Language 1 hrs 30 mins

HO29(1) Hobbies Ladies' Latex Pattern Jumper & Open Pattern Jumper (Size 34-37") 1 hrs 30 mins

HO30(4) Hobbies Dinghy Sails - A Comprehensive Guide to Sailing 6 hrs

HO31(1) Hobbies Wildlife Sounds of the Inner Moray Firth 1 hrs 30 mins

HO32(1) Hobbies Ladies' Knitting Patterns 1 hrs 30 mins

HO33(1) Hobbies Golf for Beginners 1 hrs 30 mins

HO34(2) Hobbies Be Your Own Houseplant Expert 3 hrs

HO35(1) Hobbies Knitting Patterns - Luxury Mohair 1 hrs 30 mins
Ladies' Size 38.

HO36(3) MORRIS, Desmond Catwatching 4 hrs 30 mins
The essential guide to feline behaviour.

HO37(2) HAWCROFT, Tim Health Care for Cats 3 hrs

HO38(4) ROGERSON, John Your Dog 6 hrs
Its development, behaviour and training.

HO39(1) ROGERSON, John Be Your Dog's Best Friend 1 hrs 30 mins

HO40(2) ROGERSON, John Training Your Best Friend 3 hrs

HO41(1) Hobbies Brownie Guide Badge Book 1 hrs 30 mins

HO42(1) Hobbies Talk in Pictures - Possil/Milton Forum on Disability 1 hrs
Photography, prose and poetry.

HO43(2) Hobbies Complete Guide to Budgerigars 3 hrs

HO44(2) Hobbies Complete Guide to Cockaties 3 hrs

HO45(3) BAKER, Irwin R. The Elements of Screen-Writing 4 hrs 30 mins
A guide for film and television writing.

HO46(1) Hobbies Double Knitting - Robin 1 hrs
For Sizes 18-24in 46-61cm.