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NF1(2) Glasgow Trams 3 hrs

NF2(1) Erskine Hospital 1 hrs 30 mins
The story of the Princess Louise Scottish Hospital for Disabled Ex-Servicemen.

NF3(4) CARMICHAEL, Alastair Kintyre-Argyll 6 hrs

NF4(2) CASELEY, Gordon & HAMILTON, Bill I Belong to Glasgow 3 hrs
The human history of the Glasgow Underground.

NF5(1) STUART, Andrew Old Springburn 1 hrs
A description of pictures taken around Springburn, Glasgow.

NF6(3) IRESON, Peter Guiding Stars 4 hrs 30 mins
A selection of writings, recollections and images chosen to convey some of the joys and anxieties, achievements and disappointments experienced by the generations of people who have either used guide dogs or helped to provide them.

NF7(1) John Brown, Pioneer Missionary 1 hrs 30 mins

NF8(7) BREMNER, Moira Supertips 10 hrs 30 mins

NF9(1) The Story of Glasgow 1 hrs 30 mins

NF10(2) The Prophet Kahill Kibran 3 hrs

NF11(3) The Story of Louis Braille 4 hrs 30 mins

NF12(5) Old Glasgow 7 hrs 30 mins

NF13(4) Tunnel 4 Dam 6 hrs

NF14(4) The Staffordshire Bull Terrier 6 hrs

NF15(1) McDONALD, M. Historic Kintyre, Including Gigha 1 hrs 30 mins

NF16(5) McDONALD, Finlay J. Crowdie and Cream 7 hrs 30 mins
Memoirs of a Hebridean childhood

NF17(4) HAINING, Peter The Complete Birdman 6 hrs

NF18(5) BARR, William W. Glaswegiana 7 hrs 30 mins
The story of Glasgow.

NF19(5) The Eyes That Lead 7 hrs 30 mins
The story of the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.

NF20(1) The Great Composers - Vivaldi 1 hrs 30 mins

NF21(2) Rutherglen Activity in Retirement Companionship Through Memory Window 3 hrs
Personal reminiscences of life in the Rutherglen area in bygone days.

NF22(1) Newbattle Abbey Recordings 1985 1 hrs 30 mins

NF23(1) Fifty Years Forward 1 hrs 30 mins
The story of 50 years of the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.

NF24(2) OGGSTON, David D. White Stone Country 3 hrs
Recollections of growing up in Aberdeenshire.

NF25(2) Rutherglen Activity in Retirement Companionship Stepping Out 3 hrs
Reflections on working and social life in the Rutherglen area in bygone days (sequel to NF #21 - "Through Memory Window").

NF26(4) MAITLAND, Andrew Through the Bombsight 6 hrs
Squadron Leader Andrew Maitland relates his experiences in World War II

NF27(2) Crime Has its Heroes 3 hrs
Four factual stories of crime.

NF28(1) The Colditz Story 1 hrs 30 mins
Accounts of life in the Colditz Prisoner of War Camp.

NF29(2) Touring Scotland 3 hrs

NF30(2) Walkers Britain 3 hrs

NF31(2) Place Names 3 hrs

NF32(1) Mind These Days 1 hrs 30 mins
Partick between the wars.

NF33(1) The Glasgow File Byres Road 1 hrs 30 mins
The history of this famous Glasgow street.

NF34(9) Ring Net Fishermen 13 hrs 30 mins

NF35(2) HEYERDAHL, Thor The Kon-Tiki Expedition 3 hrs
The enthralling true adventure story which tells how six young men defied expert advice and crossed the pacific on a balsawood raft to test a theory.

NF36(3) Gardening in the City 4 hrs 30 mins
An account of a city-dweller's passion for gardening.

NF37(7) Talbotvinnik Chess 10 hrs 30 mins
The story of the match for the World Chess Championship of 1960.

NF38(1) Springburn History Leaflet 1 hrs 30 mins

NF39(3) McGINN, Matt McGinn of the Calton 4 hrs 30 mins
Parts of this recording may be considered unsuitable for family reading. The life and works of Matt McGinn.

NF40(3) Historic Memorials & Reminiscences of Stockbridge the Dean and Water of Leith 4 hrs 30 mins

NF41(5) PUGH, B. The Hydraulic Age 7 hrs 30 mins
A look at the history of hydraulic power.

NF42(1) STURMEY, Alan Audio Description in the Theatre (Jan, 1989) 1 hrs 30 mins
Alan Sturmey takes a look at Audio Descripton for blind theatre-goers.

NF43(6) SOMERVILLE, Thomas George Square 9 hrs
A look at the lives of those whom the statues in George Square, Glasgow, commemorate.

NF44(3) MORTON, Henry Old Glasgow 4 hrs 30 mins
This book will be a favourite with Glasgow-lovers, old and new.

NF45(1) PREGARZ, R. The History of the Raffles Hotel 1 hrs 30 mins
A look at the history of this world-famous hotel.

NF46(6) HANLEY, Clifford Dancing in the Streets 9 hrs
Rooted firmly in the 1930's, when the Clyde ran red, this book races along with wit and warmth, bringing the lusty city of Glasgow to marvellous vibrant life.

NF47(1) SINCLAIR, Maureen The Game's a Bogie 1 hrs 30 mins
A look at some of the games, pastimes and sayings of old Glasgow.

NF48(9) OAKLEY, Charles A. The Second City 13 hrs 30 mins
This authoritative book, published in the 1940's, examines the development of Glasgow from a small ecclesiastical and academic city to the second city of the British Empire.

NF49(4) MOWAT, Farley Never Cry Wolf 6 hrs
This book gives an account of Farley Mowat's study of wolf packs in the Arctic Circle.

NF50(5) BLAIR, Anna Tea At Miss Cranston's 7 hrs 30 mins
Reminiscences of 100 years of life in Glasgow, rich and poor.

NF51(5) McVICAR, Angus Salt in my Porridge 7 hrs 30 mins
In this book, Angus MacVicar talks about his father, "The Padre", a minister in Southend, Kintyre for forty-seven years and, for many, a County Councillor.

NF52(6) Britain from Waterloo to the Great Exhibition 9 hrs
A study of Britain from 1815 to 1851

NF53(18) The Social Life of Scotland in the 18th Century 27 hrs
A comprehensive study of 18th century Scotland. A must for every modern Scotsman.

NF54(1) The Trades House of Glasgow 1 hrs 30 mins
This book explains the relevance of the Trades House of Glasgow and its fourteen associated Incorporations to the life and work of modern Glasgow.

NF55(5) McVICAR, Angus Silver in my Sporran 7 hrs 30 mins
Angus McVicar introduces more of the colourful characters of Kintyre.

NF56(13) JOHNSTON, Thomas History of the Working Class in Scotland 19 hrs 30 mins

NF57(2) KEELIE, G. The Wee Glasgow Facts Book 3 hrs
Some interesting facts and figures about Glasgow - a must for all Glaswegians!

NF58(2) RAEBURN. Wallace Flushed With Pride 3 hrs
The story of Thomas Crapper, inventor of the modern toilet.

NF59(2) A Journey Through the European Community 3 hrs
A look at the member countries and institutions of the European Community.

NF60(5) HOUSE, Jack The Heart of Glasgow 7 hrs 30 mins
A look at the history of Glasgow.

NF61(4) BAIRD, Margaret Television Baird 6 hrs
The story of the Scot who invented television, as told by his wife Margaret Baird.

NF62(5) WORDSAL, Frank Glasgow Keek Show 7 hrs 30 mins
A lighthearted and entertaining collection of peeps, or keeks, at Glasgow's past with contemporary accounts of events and the recollections of the elderly.

NF63(3) GALLICO, Paul The Silent Miaow 4 hrs 30 mins
A must for cat lovers!

NF64(4) ARLOTT, John Jack Hobbs - Portrait of a Master 6 hrs

NF65(5) McVICAR, Angus Bees in my Bonnet 7 hrs 30 mins
Introduces more colourful Kintyre characters.

NF66(5) McVICAR, Angus Heather in my Ears 7 hrs 30 mins
Sequel to "Salt in my Porridge" (Cat No. NF51). Continues the story of the McVicar family in the Manse at Southend, Kintyre.

NF67(5) McVICAR, Angus Rocks in my Scotch 7 hrs 30 mins
Still more tales of life and characters in Southend, Kintyre.

NF68(4) AITKEN, Margaret Twelve Light Years 6 hrs
Margaret Aitken tells of her twelve years as the wife of a lighthouse keeper.

NF69(6) McDONALD, Isobel A Family in Skye (1908 - 1916) 9 hrs
Based on the delightful letters sent by a daughter to her mother in Paisley.

NF71(1) The Story of Everest 1 hrs 30 mins
The epic story of the world's highest mountain and mens adventures there.

NF72(5) COWAN, Bob Sticks and String 7 hrs 30 mins
The history of the development of electricity supply in Dumfries and Galloway.

NF74(3) MOODIE, L. H. When Lightning Struck Paisley 4 hrs 30 mins
The story of the introduction of electricity to Paisley.

NF75(8) HANLEY, Clifford Another Street, Another Dance 12 hrs
A book about the sprawling life of the old Glasgow tenements, the street games, the intellectual and political ferment of the twenties and thirties, the hard times and the unquenchable energy that made the city sing. Sequel to 'Dancing in the Streets'. (Catalogue # NF 46)

NF76(8) Dublin - The Deposed Capital 1860-1914 12 hrs
The history of Dublin in the late 19th, early 20th Century.

NF77(4) FALEY, Jean Up Oor Close 6 hrs
Memories of domestic life in Glasgow tenements, 1910-1945.

NF78(3) FAULDS, Archie Looking Back 4 hrs 30 mins
Memories of old Paisley.

NF79(2) Guide Dogs for the Blind Association The Six-Footed Book 3 hrs
A collection of articles by guide dog owners to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.

NF80(1) BARCLAY, J. B. Scottish Historical Tales No. 11 1 hrs 30 mins
A collection of 10 Scottish historical tales.

NF81(4) FINDLAY, H. L. A Book of Scotland 6 hrs
Poems and extracts from historical Scottish writings - humour, sadness and joy.

NF82(7) WOOD, Alan & Mary Seaton Islands in Danger 10 hrs 30 mins
The story of the German invasion of the Channel Islands, 1940-45.

NF83(3) GAMMIE, Alexander William Quarrier 4 hrs 30 mins
The story of Wiliam Quarrier and the Orphan Homes of Scotland.

NF84(6) IRESON, Peter Another Pair of Eyes 9 hrs
The story of Guide Dogs in Britain.

NF85(5) BLAIR, Anna More Tea at Miss Cranstons 7 hrs 30 mins
More reminiscences of 100 years of life in Glasgow. (Sequel to 'Tea at Miss Cranstons', Cat # NF 50)

NF86(2) MacNAB, Peter Angus Reminiscences and Stories of Life in Mull 3 hrs
This book is read by the author who recalls memories of his childhood in Mull in the early 1900's.

NF87(1) C'mon, Geeze Yer Patter 1 hrs 30 mins
A guide to Glasgow's language.

NF88(1) Legends of the Clans 1 hrs 30 mins
A collection of traditional stories from the Scottish Clans.

NF89(3) HUNT, E. H. British Labour History 4 hrs 30 mins
A study of British Labour History.

NF90(2) MAGNUSSON, Sally A Shout in the Street 3 hrs
The Church House in Bridgeton is a very special youth club. This book tells the gripping story of its survival and determination set against the changing face of inner-city Glasgow.

NF91(4) CROALL, James Fourteen Minutes 6 hrs
The factual account of the sinking of the Empress of Ireland, Canada's greatest maritime disaster, and a fascinating account of the subsequent court of inquiry.

NF92(2) History of the National League of the Blind and Disabled (Glasgow Branch) 3 hrs
Reminiscences of members of the Glasgow Branch of NLBD.

NF93(7) DEVLIN, Vivien Kings, Queens and People's Palaces 10 hrs
This oral history of the Scottish variety theatre from 1920-70 contains a collection of behind-the-scenes stories of touring shows, summer seasons and pantomime, recounted by the singers, comedians, dancers, writers, stagehands, theatrical landladies and theatre managers.

NF94(6) CRUMMY, Helen Let the People Sing 9 hrs
The story of Craigmillar, one of Scotland's most notorious and much maligned public housing schemes. An inspiring story of how a creative and caring spirit can enable people to shape their own destiny.

NF95(4) HEDDERWICK, Maire An Eye on the Hebrides 6 hrs
A story of Maire Hedderwick's six month tour of over 40 Hebridean islands.

NF96(7) FORSYTH, Renee Memories of Dunoon & Cowal 9 hrs
Read by John Fraser, native of Dunoon, now retired and still living in Canada.

NF97(1) HAMILTON, Forsyth Kipper House Tales 1 hrs 30 mins
Tales set in the fishing village of Ardrishaig.

NF98(7) HEDDERWICK, Maire Highland Journey 10 hrs 30 mins
Maire Hedderwick came across John T. Reid's 'Art Rambles in the Highlands and Islands', which took place in 1876. In 1990, she decided to follow the routes he took.

NF99(1) GIRVAN, Duncan & WARD, Jim Maryhill Travelogue 1 hrs
A journey through Maryhill, past and present.

NF100(5) BILLINGHAM, Viv Tweed Hope Sheep Dogs 7 hrs 30 mins
Viv Billingham tells the story of her own and her husband's border collies and the farm they transformed into an exhibition cente for showing the skills of the dogs they breed.

NF101(4) THATCHER, Margaret The Downing Street Years 6 hrs
A brilliant first-hand portrayal of the events and personalities of her years in power.

NF102(6) WILSON, Conrad Playing for Scotland 9 hrs
The history of the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.

NF103(5) NORWICH, John Julius The Burrell Collection 7 hrs 30 mins
Describing the arts and treasures of the Burrell Collection.

NF104(5) MASSIE, Allan Ill Met by Gaslight 7 hrs 30 mins
A study of five Edinburgh criminals who commit the ultimate crime - murder. And a study of Edinburgh itself, over a hundred years.

NF105(2) WOODWARD, Admiral Sandy One Hundred Days 3 hrs
The memoirs of the Falklands battle Group Comander. When Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands in April 1982, Rear Admiral Sandy Woodward was placed in command of Britain's swiftly assembled task force, charged with regaining control of the islands.

NF106(4) CHANG, Jung Wild Swans 6 hrs
Wild Swans tells the story of three women - Jung Chang, her mother and her grandmother - whose fortunes mirror the tumultuous history of twentieth century China. As the years pass in this beautifully detailed family tapestry, we see three lives unfolding, one from the other, through love, tragedy and renewal.

NF108(2) MacDOUGALL, Dougie As Long as the Water Flows 3 hrs
From a seafaring family, and ambitious to go to sea, Dougie MacDougall at the age of 20 was instead to inherit his retiring father's position of lighthouse boatman. There he served the Sound of Islay lights for 45 years until his own retirement in 1977. This is his humorous yet factual account of those times.

NF109(2) Renfrew Reminiscence Group Renfrew Reminiscence Group 3 hrs
Short stories from the Renfrew Reminiscence Group, March 1994.

NF110(1) Workers Educational Association Creative Writing From Renfrew 1 hrs 31 mins
Short stories from the Workers Educational Association, March 1994.

NF111(5) SCOTT, Sir Walter Northern Lights 7 hrs 30 mins
On this voyage on the Yacht 'Lighthouse', Sir Walter Scott is accompanied by Robert Stevenson, Grandfather of Robert Louis Stevenson. This takes them around Scotland and on to Ireland.

NF112(10) COCKBURN, Lord Circuit Journeys, 1837-1854 15 hrs
An interesting and entertaining account of Lord Cockburn's journeys, giving his views on the countryside, the people and the Lords - especially those who neglect their tenants and estates.

NF113(2) BRAITHWAITE, Paul Jubilee Steam Gallopers 3 hrs
A souvenir of 100 years of riding for pleasure!

NF114(1) NAUGHTON, Nuala Barrowland 1 hrs 30 mins
A Glasgow Experience.

NF115(2) WILKES, Peter Fairground Heritage Volume One - An Age of Achievement 3 hrs

NF116(2) WILKES, Peter Fairground Heritage Volume Two - The Steam Age 3 hrs

NF117(7) ROUNTREE, George A Govan Childhood 10 hrs 30 mins
George Rountree lived in central Govan until 1936 when his parents moved west to Linthouse. He describes in minute detail the lively environment of these neighbourhoods.

NF118(8) Purple & Gold 12 hrs
The story of Marr College and the C. K. Marr Educational Trust. The story of Charles Kerr Marr's magnificent and enduring legacy to the people of Troon and District.

NF119(4) TYRER, Nicola They Fought in the Fields 6 hrs
The women's Land Army - The story of a forgotten victory.

NF120(3) KALAMIS, Catherine Hidden Treasures of Herm Island 4 hrs 30 mins
This intriguing account of life on Herm Island from Neolithic times to the present day carries the reader through thousands of years of the island's history.

NF121(3) A Celebration of Forres 4 hrs 30 mins
Five hundred years a Royal Burgh.

NF123(3) STEPTOE, Brian Jump On, Jump On 4 hrs 30 mins
Life in the fairground business is portrayed as it really is - hard work for uncertain financial return.

NF124(3) WATSON, Norman Dundee Royal Infirmary, 1798-1998 4 hrs 30 mins
A look at the history of Dundee Royal Infirmary.

NF125(2) PAUL, Robert M. Partick Anecdotes 3 hrs
Robert Paul was brought up in Partick and attended Stewartville Primary School and Hyndland Secondary School before studing Geography at Glasgow University. He was a highly respected schoolteacher and church worker who had a lifelong interest in the history of the area. For many years, he entertained many different types of groups with his vast knowledge of the district. This book is based on the notes and slides, which he used in his lectures. It is not intended to be a chronological account but rather to give a glimpse of life at various times in a unique and much loved place.

NF126(2) SELWYN, Sue & MARTIN, Don Kirkintilloch - Life & Times 3 hrs
This is the latest book on the old town of Kirkintilloch published in 1994. Unlike previous books this concentrates on the life and times in the 19th. and 20th. centuries and draws upon the records collected recently by the Public Library