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Both Playback magazine and ABC Audio News are available as podcasts, which is a way of making audio available on demand on the Internet. Our podcasts can be played on your computer or on a portable media player.  To receive podcasts you just need to install suitable podcasting receiving software on your computer.

Once your podcasting receiver is given the following URL, it will be able to automatically download the latest Playback magazine and/or ABC Audio news as soon as it's made available:

For Playback magazine the URL is:


And/or for ABC Audio News:


The reason that we are so keen on podcasting is that it has the potential to be the most user-friendly way for a visually-impaired person - especially someone who isn't too comfortable with all the bells and whistles that the home computer can offer - to access Playback and ABC Audio News.

Once set up - and that may well require sighted or experienced help - Playback magazine and/or ABC Audio News will come to the listener - they don't have to visit this web site to download it each month. This downloading can go on in the background while the user is doing something else on their computer.

A lot of podcast-receiving software allows the easy transfer of audio material to a portable mp3 player. There are already several visually-impaired people who listen to Playback on the train or bus on their way to work.

If you don’t have any Podcast receiving software try this free download from Juice.