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Poetry & Plays

PP1(1) LITTLE, Edith Poetry Competition 1 hrs 30 mins

PP2(1) McCLEMENT, Bob Govan Verse 1 hrs 30 mins

PP3(1) Poetry & Plays The William McGonagal Story 1 hrs 30 mins

PP4(1) McCULLOCH, Willie Monologues 1 hrs 30 mins

PP5(1) Poetry & Plays Treasure of George, Lord Byron 1788-1824 1 hrs 30 mins

PP6(1) Poetry & Plays The Real Macrae 1 hrs 30 mins
Duncan Macrae reads extracts from four Scottish plays.

PP7(1) Poetry & Plays McGonagal Poems 1 hrs 30 mins
Read by Bill Lewis.

PP8(1) CURRIE, Rev. James Currie Flavour - Readings from the Rev. James Currie 1 hrs 30 mins

PP9(1) MARLOWE, Christopher Tragic History of Dr. Faustus 1 hrs 30 mins

PP10(3) SHAKESPEARE, William Twelfth Night 4 hrs 30 mins

PP11(4) SHAKESPEARE, William King Lear 6 hrs

PP12(1) LITTLE, Edith Selection of Poems by Edith Little 1 hrs 30 mins

PP13(1) HINDS, Alex Wheels of Time 1 hrs 30 mins

PP14(2) PRIESTLEY, J.B. An Inspector Calls 3 hrs

PP15(1) Barmulloch College Writers' Workshop Play 1 hrs 30 mins

PP16(1) SWAN, John Aye Now Yir Talking 1 hrs 30 mins

PP17(1) BROWN, Veronica Granny Brown's Snippets of Life

1 hrs 30 mins

PP18(2) WILDE, Oscar The Importance of Being Earnest 3 hrs

PP19(2) SHAKESPEARE, William Hamlet 3 hrs

PP20(1) CLARK, D.R. Rough Rhymes of the Road 1 hrs 30 mins

PP21(2) ELIOT, George Silas Marner 3 hrs

PP22(3) MILLER, Arthur Death of a Salesman 4 hrs 30 mins
Willy Loman at sixty is bewildered by the failure and futility of his life. He has evaded the truth about himself with false dreams of his family and his work, and goes bravely to his death still deceiving himself. And yet, his predicament give him heroic stature in this tragedy of modern times.