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RE1(2) Religious The Story of Jesus 3 hrs

RE2(16) Religious The New Testament 24 hrs

RE3(4) Religious Psalms 1-120 6 hrs

RE4(1) Religious Joni Erikson - Interview and Testimony of Joni, a Young American Quadraplegic 1 hrs 30 mins

RE5(6) Religious Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger 9 hrs

RE6(2) Religious Good News told by Luke (Chapters 1-24) 3 hrs

RE7(1) Religious A Scots Gospel (Devised & Presented by Jamie Stewart) 1 hrs 30 mins

RE8(1) Religious Readings from the Bible - Andrew Cruickshanks & Robert Christie 1 hrs 30 mins

RE9(2) Religious The Passing of the Precentor - Duncan Fraser F.E.I.S. (Church of Scotland) 3 hrs

RE10(1) HAWTHORN, John Fanny Crosbie, the Blind Poetess 1 hrs 30 mins

RE11(1) Religious The Muslim World 1 hrs 30 mins

RE12(6) Religious The New Testament - New International Version 9 hrs

RE13(2) BAILLIE, John Prayers 3 hrs

RE14(3) Religious He Found Me - Christian Focus Publications 4 hrs 30 mins
Ten Christians tell how they met Jesus.

RE15(4) Religious Billy Graham's Mission Scotland (June 1991) 6 hrs

RE16(2) ALEXANDER, Pat Lion First Bible 3 hrs