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SP1(1) Sport All You Need to Know About the World Cup 1 hrs 30 mins

SP2(1) Sport World Cup 1982 - News, Views and Information 1 hrs 30 mins

SP3(3) Sport Training Instructions for Middle- and Long-Distance Marathon and Steeplechase 4 hrs 30 mins

SP4(4) Sport History of Motherwell Football Club (1886-1986) 6 hrs

SP6(2) Sport The Right Touch - Joe Lazaro, Blind Golf Champion 3 hrs

SP7(3) YOUNG, Chick Rebirth of the Blues 4 hrs 30 mins
The story of the Rangers revolution of the late 1980's.

SP8(6) CRAMPSIE, Bob MR. STEIN, CBE (1922-1985) 9 hrs
A sporting biography of Scotland's greatest football manager.

SP9(4) Sport Willie Johnston on the Wing 6 hrs
The story of the legendary Rangers winger.

SP10(4) LENNOX, Bobby & McNEE, Gerry A Million Miles for Celtic 6 hrs
An autobiography of Bobby Lennox

SP11(5) HIGGINS, Alex & FRANCIS, Tony Alex Through the Looking-Glass 7 hrs 30 mins
An autobiography of Alex Higgins.

SP12(4) FERGUSON, Alex A Light in the North 6 hrs
Alex Ferguson looks at his seven years with Aberdeen.

SP13(4) FAIRGRIEVE, John & BAXTER, Jim Baxter, the Party's Over 6 hrs
An autobiography of Jim Baxter.

SP14(2) LAW, Denis Denis Law's Soccer Special 3 hrs
A collection of entertaining tales and amusing observations on soccer.

SP15(4) HALL, W. & PARKINSON, Michael Football Report 6 hrs
An anthology of soccer.

SP16(4) LEMON, D. Great One-Day Matches (1946-1983) 6 hrs

SP17(5) BUTCHER. Terry Both Sides of the Border 7 hrs 30 mins
Terry Butcher takes a look at his career in Scottish and English football.

SP18(4) SHANKLEY, Bill Shankley 6 hrs
The memoirs of Bill Shankley.

SP19(4) MOORE, Brian & TYLER, Martin The Big Matches 6 hrs
A decade of football, 1970-1980

SP20(3) Sport Ray Illingworth 4 hrs 30 mins
The tempestuous years, 1979-1983.

SP21(4) DOUGAN, D. How Not to Run Football 6 hrs

SP22(5) GOOCH, Graham Out of the WIlderness 7 hrs 30 mins

SP23(6) JOHNSTON, Brian It's a Funny Game 9 hrs
A humorous look at cricket.

SP24(5) THOMSON, A. A. Hirst and Rhodes 7 hrs 30 mins
A classic cricket book.

SP26(6) CALLAGHAN, John Boycott: A Cricketing Legend 9 hrs
A look at the world famous cricketer.

SP27(7) MOSEY, Don Boycott 10 hrs 30 mins
A look at the career of Geoff Boycott.

SP28(7) MOSEY, Don Botham 10 hrs 30 mins
A look at the controversial career of Iain Botham.

SP29(7) MOSEY, Don The Best Job in the World 10 hrs 30 mins
A light-hearted look at Don Mosey and the BBC cricker commentating team.

SP30(6) CLOSE, Brian I Don't Bruise Easily 9 hrs
A look at the career of Brian Close.

SP31(4) COOPER, Davie & CLARK, Graham True Blue: The Davie Cooper Story 6 hrs
A look at the career of the legendary Rangers winger.

SP32(5) Sport England: The Story of the National Soccer Team 7 hrs 30 mins

SP33(7) HENDERSON, Derek Soccer 10 hrs 30 mins
Deals with the triumphs, tragedies, the stars, the characters and the oddities of the world's greatest game.

SP34(11) ARLOT, John Arlot on Cricket 16 hrs 30 mins
A comprehensive look at cricket.

SP35(7) WILSON, Peter More Ringside Seats 10 hrs 30 mins
A look at some boxing legends.

SP36(9) BOYCOTT, Geoff Boycott: The Autobiography 13 hrs 30 mins

SP37(1) Sport History of Partick Thistle Football Club 1 hrs 30 mins
History from 1876 to present.

SP38(3) SWINBURN, John Well Worth the Wait 4 hrs 30 mins
The story of Motherwell's epic Scottish Cup triumph of 18th May 1991. This victory ended a 39-year wait to bring the Scottish Cup back to Fir Park.

SP39(2) Sport Scottish Non-League Football History (Vol. 3) 3 hrs
A look at the history of Scottish non-league football.

SP40(5) McCOIST, Ally & BRANKIN, Crawford My Story 7 hrs 30 mins
This frank and often amusing book details Ally McCoist's career; from his early days in football to being an established star with Rangers and Scotland.

SP41(1) Sport Rangers Football Club 1 hrs
Compilation of Playback Magazine programmes telling the story of the commercial side of Rangers.

SP42(4) BROWN, John & WATSON, Derek Blue Grit: The John Brown Story 6 hrs
From welder to winner; attacking midfielder to iron man at the heart of the most successful Light Blue line-ups of all time, John Brown's story is a must for every Rangers fan.

SP43(3) KING, Ian Tribute to the League Champions 4 hrs 30 mins